Frank Dzubeck

Dzubeck is president of Communications Network Architects, an industry analysis firm in Washington, D.C. Reach him at

Cloud computing: End of the corporate WAN?

When vendors and marketers get their hands on an IT concept, it doesn't take long for that concept to morph into a totally new business opportunity and possibly a new market segment. Such is the story of cloud computing.

Five cloud computing questions

It seems that every decade or so I get the opportunity to write an article on IT déjà vu. This time around, the topic is cloud computing, which is the latest IT buzz word.

Desktop virtualization pioneer runs into early bugs

For the past six months, our offices have been part of the brave new world of virtualization. Not of servers, storage or networks, but of the next-generation desktop.

Are you ready for 'green SOA'?

All of a sudden “green” is the "in" color. In 2007 the IT industry embraced the green data center concept. What followed was an avalanche of PR from vendor after vendor claiming that they were greener than their competitors.

Return of the "L" word

What is the "L" word? It's latency. For the first time in years, CIOs are becoming concerned that networking and inter-process latency is affecting IT performance.

Cisco, Microsoft, IBM on collision course

The communications industry, as we once knew it, no longer exists.

Turning the data center green

With all the fanfare for Al Gore, one would think that global environmental concerns rank No. 1 on the list of "corporate social responsibility." Unfortunately, economics and internal operations have often overridden environmental...

Network Evolution – Services-Centric Networking

Every once in a while a subtle evolutionary change occurs that dramatically affects the future of networking. As IT is making a dramatic transition to an SOA, the networking industry has been hesitant to embrace and commit to the...

Desperately awaiting the wireless revolution!

The buzz for the past month in the wireless mobile marketplace was focused on the iPhone from Apple. It was only after its first day of product release that the first glaring weakness became evident – the AT&T EDGE network. Even...

The fragility of road-warrior security

It is often said that the weakest link in the IT security chain is the human being. In our technological age it is inconceivable to travel without network tethers such as a laptop PC, mobile telephone or e-mail PDA. The road warrior...

SOA still evolving, but questions remain

As the rapid adoption of service-oriented architecture continues within the corporate environment, companies are realizing that implementation is not instantaneous but evolutionary.

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