Frank Kobuszewski

Frank Kobuszewski is vice president of the technology solutions group at CXtec. Being in the remarketing industry since 1988 and with the company since 1994has led him to serve on several technical committees including as a representative on the Anti-Counterfeit Committee for the Association of Service and Computer Dealers International and the North American Association of Telecommunications Dealers (AscdiNatd).

Frank has participated on podcasts and has been quoted in several industry trade publications and papers, the most recent being Gartner’s August 2017 network transceivers research paper, entitled “How to Avoid the Biggest Rip-Off in Networking.”

Frank is an experienced speaker and has presented at technology conferences across North America on strategies for maximizing IT budgets and asset recovery best practices, including at CAUCUS (Association of Technology Acquisition Professionals) and the annual NY Tech Summit. Most recently, he spoke at the Gartner IT Financial, Procurement and Asset Management Summit.

Frank received the “40 Under Forty” award from the Central New York Business Journal in 2000 for his business accomplishments and community involvement.

Follow Frank on Twitter and look for his posts on LinkedIn.

Can Wave 2 handle the wireless tsunami heading toward us?

Can Wave 2 handle the wireless tsunami heading toward us?

More people and devices are connecting, increasing the load on networks enormously and forcing us to consider new wireless standards, such as 802.11ac (Wave 2).

The King is dead?! Heck, no!

The King is dead?! Heck, no!

Aside from being a major revenue stream, the Cisco 6500 chassis family remains a solid platform that Cisco has made extensible by creating the Catalyst 6800 family.

Is the Cisco 6500 Series invincible?

Is the Cisco 6500 Series invincible?

As the industry moves toward 10/40Gig and higher, the need for bandwidth and port density only increases. Software-defined networking (SDN), while certainly worthy of consideration, may not be the best option for all organizations...

Are wearables worth the cybersecurity risk in the enterprise?

Are wearables worth the cybersecurity risk in the enterprise?

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart wearable devices pose new risks to enterprise cybersecurity.

Software Defined Networking: Trend or technology movement?

Software Defined Networking: Trend or technology movement?

Will SDN be coming soon to a network near you?

Will your network be ready for the Internet of Things?

Will your network be ready for the Internet of Things?

Preparing the network to transition seamlessly to the connected environment.

The battle for the wireless networking crown is heating up

A flurry of new partnerships and announcements suggests the market is getting competitive.

Bigger, better, faster: What does Wave 2 of 802.11ac have in store?

The coming benefits and impact of Wave 2 of 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

Cisco Preparing to Manufacture New CTR Routers

Recent studies have concluded that in the not-too-distant future, the Internet is going to experience an enormous amount of expansion. But how much is the Web going to grow?It is anticipated that the Internet will undergo an annual...

Cisco Maintains Edge as Director Switches Deliver Highest Performance to Date

Cisco has once again demonstrated that it has its finger on the pulse when it comes to innovation and competitive edge as the networking equipment provider recently unveiled its latest solution for storage area networks, the Cisco...

Cisco’s Moves Show Clear Signs of Future Shift in Philosophy

Cisco is a company that is always being watched by the information technology world, as well as, business people in general. For those watching, Cisco has been busy shaking things up a bit in 2013.They have made a series of business...

Yet Another Reason To Think About Disaster Recovery Strategy

Sure, the storm they call Sandy is behind us, but is it? Not for many people. When you think of Sandy, perhaps a friend comes to mind. Maybe that young lady from summers at the lake when you were a kid, or the state of your shoes...

Do you know where your used Cisco is coming from?

You might have seen the recent news about Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. and their struggle with counterfeit wireless gear. The company saw their stock plummet on Friday as a result, and they’re currently doing damage control.Network admins...

Cisco’s Roller Coaster July

It seems that, so far, July 2012 has been a bit of a microcosm of what Cisco has been like the past few years. It has taken huge leaps forward with technology and the potential doors it can open for users, but taken some steps...

With Economic Uncertainty Will Popularity of Pre-Owned Cisco Hardware Increase?

It’s something we all wish we didn’t have to think about… the economy. The reality is that concerns with the economy are real. There are a wide variety of opinions. Some think everything is looking up. Others think we are on the road...

King of the Hill, or Flash in the Pan?

This past week we were once again privileged to bear witness to the awesomeness that is E3, and if you're like me then you were waiting impatiently to see what the big three (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo) had to offer this year. It...

Cisco on BYOD: Get Used to It

Last week Cisco released some news about the tech topic du jour, BYOD. The main message: companies are less weary of employees using personal devices in the workplace, but security is still a concern.Is anyone surprised here?IT...

With Cisco absorbing Insieme, will their SDN efforts innovate or lag?

Cisco CEO John Chambers recently announced that Cisco would absorb Insieme with a $750 million cap. Insieme is a Cisco-funded start-up that has apparently been developing Cisco's version of a software-defined networking (SDN)...

Cisco, VMware and EMC Offer Training As Trends Evolve

There is no doubt that things in the IT world are evolving rapidly.   It professionals running data centers have to be on their toes and keep up with the changes.If you missed the announcement, Cisco, VMware and EMC are collaborating...

6 Bullets for the Wireless Gunslinger

In an age where hotspots, BYOD, and mobility are all the rage it's no surprise that often customers and friends alike are looking to implement or improve their wireless networks. Who doesn't want to bring their Netflix, Angry Birds,...

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