James Kobielus


James Kobielus is principal analyst at Franconia Research.

Cloud computing in a bubble economy

Cloud computing is the IT world's latest hot topic, and it's no secret why. In tough times, when capital expenditure budgets are under severe pressure, any pay-per-use solution looks like a winner.

Ellison hypes Oracle’s data warehouse appliance

The high-end data warehousing wars are fast upon us. Vendors are launching ever more scalable DW solutions. And they're delivering them with more aggressive -- and slippery -- performance claims.

Real-time drives database virtualization

Databases are evolving faster than ever, becoming more fluid to keep pace with an online world that's becoming virtualized at every level.

OLAP's cube is crumbling around the edges

Business intelligence is essentially a set of best practices for building models to answer business questions. However, today's BI best practices may be suboptimal for many enterprises' decision-support requirements

Data warehouse 2.0

Analytic databases are the principal engines driving business intelligence, delivering operational data into reports, dashboards and ad-hoc queries.

Recession fears put focus on business intelligence

In the past few months, we've all been encouraged to scout the economic horizon for signs of the dreaded "R" word -- a malady so dire, apparently, that its very name may not be uttered in polite company. Throughout the IT world, we've...

Business intelligence becomes the jewel in SOA's crown

High-tech vendor consolidations often take place in waves. Sometimes, consolidations are just a matter of too much restless capital searching for the next big score, regardless of whether there’s a sound business rationale. Other...

Business analytics sharpen vertical edge

Corporate performance management — sometimes called “business analytics” — is a segment of the business intelligence (BI) market that is undergoing rapid consolidation.

Complex event processing: still on the launch pad

Complex event processing has a sleek, shiny, space-age allure. CEP has been blinking on the IT industry’s “next big thing” radar for quite a while, promising business agility through continuous correlation and visualization of...

Semantic Web: Stuck in neutral

Ubiquitous semantic interoperability is like world peace: It's a goal so grandiose, nebulous and contrary to the fractious realities of distributed networking that it hardly seems worth waiting for.

Welcome to the appliance wars

Over the past few years, enterprise software vendors have ventured well beyond their traditional focus on licensed software packages. Many have begun to offer solutions that incorporate such diverse approaches as open source software,...

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