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Joan Goodchild is a content director with IDG’s marketing services division. She is the former editor in chief of CSO and a veteran editor, writer and content strategist with 20+ years experience. She has a Master's degree from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism and received an Edward R. Murrow award for investigative journalism.

Professional hackers talk social engineering threats and security awareness

Kimberly Clark names new CISO

Timothy Youngblood, CISSP, has joined Kimberly Clark as their Chief Information Security Officer. Kimberly Clark is multi-national brand conglomerate with staple consumer products such as Kleenex, Pull-ups, and Scotts Towels.

Why I did it: Former hacker Mitchell Frost explains his motivation

In 2006, Mitchell Frost, then a 19-year-old college student at the University of Akron, used the school's computer network to control the botnets he had created. Authorities say between August 2006 and March 2007, Frost launched a...

How keylogging malware steals your information (includes video)

George Waller from StrikeForce Technologies demonstrations how this malicious software sneaks onto your computer and then steals your sensitive data

Mobile Security: How Gadgets Evolved

Mobile Security: How Gadgets Evolved

1989: Sharp Dial Master EL-6250H "Image by Joan Goodchild Roseberry says the Dial Master was a telephone book, memo pad, calculator and auto phone dialer with 8KB of memory.Security feature: Secret key to password-protect...

Gallery: Telltale signs of ATM skimming

Gallery: Telltale signs of ATM skimming

ATM skimming schemes involve installing fraudulent equipment that criminals use to steal credit and debit card numbers and PINs. Industry estimates calculate that ATM fraud costs banks and consumers billions of dollars annually. Here...

9 tips, tricks and must-haves for security awareness programs

9 tips, tricks and must-haves for security awareness programs

Metrics "Image by Thinkstock "One of the key factors in having a successful effort is being able to prove that your effort is successful. The only way to do this is to collect metrics prior to initiated new awareness efforts,"...

IntegriCell's Aaron Turner: Security managers still don't get mobile security

For the past several months, security veteran Aaron Turner has been making the rounds at industry events presenting some pretty disturbing information about the state of mobile security.

Women leaders in security recognized

Each year, the Executive Women's Forum announces their "Women of Influence" Awards at their annual EWF event.

Social engineering in penetration tests: 6 tips for ethical (and legal) use

Social engineering techniques are frequently part of an overall security penetration test; often used as a way to test an organization's so-called "human network."

Security and vulnerability assessment: 4 common mistakes

If you're running a robust security program, you're regularly conducting security and vulnerability assessments of your both your network and physical environments. But in the quest to uncover security gaps and...

9 classic hacking, phishing and social engineering lies

9 classic hacking, phishing and social engineering lies

Whether it is on the phone, online or in person, here are ten lies hackers, phishers and social engineers will tell you to get what they want

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