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John Fontana is senior editor at Network World.

Lotus bets the house on open collaboration plan

IBM/Lotus has introduced Project Vulcan, no less than an outline for the future of its collaboration business. Can it become a hit and circle the bases at the expense of competitors such as Microsoft, Google and Cisco?

IBM/Lotus upgrades set for Notes/Domino, Sametime, Connections and LotusLive

IBM/Lotus is rolling out a set of incremental upgrades across its product lines over the coming 12 month, including new capabilities in Notes/Domino, Sametime, Connections and LotusLive.

Lotus sets off on 'Vulcanizing' next-gen collaboration

IBM/Lotus Monday hinted at its collaboration future unveiling an ambitious plan called Project Vulcan that exists in concept only today but is aimed at a wholesale integration of collaboration tools regardless of whether they run in...

Lotus to set road map for free productivity suite

IBM/Lotus will ship the next version of its Symphony productivity suite, code-named Vienna, before the end of June and then follow it up with two more versions by March 2011 that include a laundry list of news features.

Microsoft, Lotus throw punches

Leading up to Lotusphere, Microsoft, Lotus take jabs at one another

Microsoft's Ballmer: We’re staying in China

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the company is staying in China even though rival Google is talking about pulling out following a cyber attack on its systems.

Lotus prepping a deep, broad cloud strategy

IBM/Lotus will use next week's Lotusphere conference to show its customers a long-term collaboration and cloud strategy that stretches well into the future and across its portfolio of software.

Lotus gets open source infusion from Alfresco

Alfresco Wednesday said it would ship this spring software to integrate its content management software with the lineup of IBM Lotus software, notably Lotus Quickr.

Ballmer took Microsoft reins 10 years ago with focus on Internet

Ten years ago, Microsoft's Bill Gates turned over the CEO reins to Steve Ballmer. What came next was a decade-long wild ride.

IBM shuffles Lotus executives, creates new biz units

IBM Tuesday reorganized the structure of its Software Group, including moving Lotus General Manager Bob Picciano back to a leadership role in sales, inserting Alistair Rennie as the general manager of Lotus Software and bringing back...

Facebook joins Apache Foundation

Facebook Tuesday joined the Apache Software Foundation as a Gold sponsor, cementing its commitment to open source.

Microsoft admits mobile missteps, but fights on

Microsoft doesn't have a business model problem in the mobile market, but its phones are skewed toward business users at the expense of consumers and are not as modern as they need to be, company officials said at CES.

Novell, MSI team on first SUSE Moblin-based netbook

MSI and Novell will ship in February the first netbook based on the Moblin open-source Linux operating system.

Microsoft Office coming in ad-supported version

Microsoft Tuesday said it would include an advertising supported version of Office 2010 on new PCs as well as offer users a virtualized version that streams Office to a PC.

Microsoft's 2010 task: Make the cloud clear

For Microsoft, 2010 is a platform building and marketing year with no less than the future success of its cloud strategy hanging in the balance, according to observers.

Is Windows 7 the last major chapter in Windows story?

Windows 7 may represent the last ever large in-mass upgrade of the Windows client environment, and define the line where the desktop PC is no longer the center of the end-user universe, according to analyst firm IDC.

With EU browser case dropped, Microsoft seeks trust, interoperability

Microsoft Wednesday said it hopes that the resolution of its browser dispute with the EU will lead to the building of more trust and to more interoperability among software products

Open source, Linux set for unheralded coronation in 2010

Arguably the biggest prediction for 2010 around open source and Linux is that most end-users likely won't even talk about it or even think about it. But that won't be a death knell; it's a coronation

Microsoft SharePoint add-ons offer tantalizing system tweaks

SharePoint 2010 won't come until next year, but third-party vendors have add-ons available now that sharply enhance the feature set of the existing versions of the popular Microsoft server application.

From the White House to (no kidding) Microsoft, open source shined in '09

For open source and Linux, 2009 has been another year of big and surprising milestones, from the White House adopting open source technology to Microsoft submitting code for the Linux kernel.

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