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Bento: A personal database breakthrough?

Thinking back to the dawn of corporate personal computing in the early 1980s, its single most important aspect was that it broke the monopoly that corporate IT had on information and the manipulation thereof.

Apple’s Leopard backup breakthrough

A string of columns could be filled writing about the many interesting features of Apple's OS X 10.5. To my mind, its integrated, automatic backup — Time Machine — is by far the most significant.

Soft hardware: the joys of virtual appliances

For all of my 25+ years in IT, the “software vs. hardware” debate has raged on. During that time, their benefits were mutually exclusive. In many instances, software gave us total flexibility, but hardware gave us reliability and...

Is Apple more controlling than Microsoft?

While many users laud Apple for the freedom that it gives them, recent developments indicate that Apple might be even more of a “control freak” than Microsoft.

Symphony – fully orchestrated office suite

Alternative office suites are nothing new. For users requiring the trio of word processing, spreadsheets and presentations there have always been options. For some years, it has been possible to get OpenOffice for free and the...

Beware product award inflation

As buyers, every one of us takes note of awards given to products we are interested in purchasing. Recent research I've conducted, though, shows that at least some magazine awards are given without the rigorous product reviews that...

Unified communications - battle royal

For me the recent VoiceCon show in San Francisco gave new meaning to the words "unified messaging." As I made my rounds to close to two dozen analyst meetings, almost every executive was focused on laying out their company's "Unified...

Big Iron is back

Having come of age in the IT industry at the likely zenith of the mainframe at the start of the 1980s, I am always drawn to mainframe-oriented news. For the past 15 years, though, such stories have been of the kind in which the writer...

Communication breakdown: Rethinking wireless LAN packet loss

We all know that there are trade-offs when using wireless communications. We would never tolerate the quality of our cell phones on land lines and we know that our wired Ethernet connections have better raw throughput than wireless.

App Accel and Microsoft’s stack attack

“Niche killer” has been an oft-encountered modus operandi of Microsoft over the years. Whether it is disk defragmentation, disk compression, firewall or antispyware, Microsoft has eventually decided to play the game and, in the...

Road Trip: Miami to New York with the Apple iPhone

Talk about dedication. Within 12 hours of the release of the iPhone, I conducted a road test (literally) of the iPhone. Before dawn the test vehicle was launched up I-95 and the test commenced.

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