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Dos and don'ts for next-gen firewalls

Plug it in and turn it on? Next-generation firewalls just aren't that simple. Here's advice from the experts on choosing the right device and getting the most it.

Optimizing Managed File Transfer (MFT): Dos and don'ts

Discourage data leaks, standardize and optimize file transfer--that's the ambition of Managed File Transfer (MFT) products. Here, experts offer practical advice on using these tools.

Automating and securing file transfers: key issues

Data in transit. Those three words are at the heart of business in the 21st century and the rise the of the secure managed file transfer (MFT) industry. Companies function by sending, receiving and sharing information, often in very...

Protocol analyzers: Dos and don'ts

As with any tool, protocol analyzers need skilled implementation. Here is advice from the front lines.

Protocol analyzers: How to compare and use them

Protocol analyzers are the indispensable tools that your IT staff deploys on the network when it's not behaving properly. Sharp, experienced admins can examine the live network data or a saved packet-capture file and figure out why...


Most analysts break the market down into two broad categories: IT GRC and Enterprise GRC (eGRC). The vendors generally don't make it any easier for potential enterprise customers, as the IT GRC players often claim they do eGRC, and...

IT GRC tools: Control your environment

As enterprises approach a high level of maturity in their IT governance, risk and compliance (GRC) programs, they face a conundrum: How can they effectively implement and manage policies and their supporting controls to maintain a...

Dos and don'ts for IT GRC success

DO agree on an IT-GRC implementation strategy. Moving disjointed, manual processes into an automated, centralized tool is an enormous undertaking. While a giant boa constrictor can unhinge its jaw and swallow a large mammal whole,...

Vulnerability management tools: Dos and don'ts

DON'T shortchange remediation. Surprisingly, organizations will perform vulnerability scans, or hire someone to conduct a scan, get a report and then not follow through. They may cherry-pick one or two critical items and neglect the...

Vulnerability management keeps getting sexier

Vulnerability management tools do more than scan networks. Here's how to use them to detect and mitigate risk across the enterprise infrastructure.

Privileged Identity Management: 7 tips to make it work

PIM tools help get a handle on sprawling accounts and disjointed management of privileged access. If you do it right. Here are seven key strategies.

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