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The current state of the UK internet: outage tracker

Glossary of networking terms

Glossary of networking terms

A compilation of essential networking terms with links to in-depth definitions.

FAQ: What in the wireless world is CBRS?

FAQ: What in the wireless world is CBRS?

Citizens Broadband Radio Service is shared wireless spectrum in the 3.5GHz band that could have big implications for building private LTE networks and for extending public 4G and 5G services.

UCL team uses supercomputers in worldwide effort to beat COVID-19

UCL team uses supercomputers in worldwide effort to beat COVID-19

University College London researchers pitch in to help fast-track treatments for the novel coronavirus using supercomputers in the UK, Europe and the U.S.

How AppArmor can protect your Linux system

How AppArmor can protect your Linux system

AppArmor is a Linux-kernel security module that offers unique benefits.

The Linux who command tells who’s logged in and a lot more

A 2-minute Linux Tip from Sandra Henry-Stocker on several of the uses of the Linux who command

Contribute to the 2019 Network World State of the Network survey

Take our survey to share your insight on emerging networking technologies such as 5G, SD-WAN and edge computing.

2-Minute Linux Tip: The env command

Use the env command to learn how to gather info about your shell environment on Linux.

Unix as a Second Language: The touch command

The Linux touch command allows users to create an empty file or update a file’s data and time settings. You might want to do this if you need to be sure that a file exists before a script or process begins. The command can also be...

Complete a survey on enterprise purchasing for a shot at $500

A 10-minute survey about how major business-IT purchasing decisions are made gives you the chance to win a $500 sweepstakes.

Can 5G replace high-speed Wi-Fi in the enterprise?

A TECH(talk) interview with Analyst Jack Gold about corporate use of 5G wireless – including IoT – the U.S.–Huawei dispute over the technology and how soon to expect services to be available

Huawei may get a 2-year reprieve on Trump ban

The federal Office and Management and Budget recommends a delay on President Trump's ban on Huawei products being used in U.S. networks saying the ban would place too great a burden on U.S. companies.

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