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Sony's E3 briefing a mix of hardware, new gaming titles

Sony's E3 briefing a mix of hardware, new gaming titles

Sony mixed hardware and software news into its E3 press conference in Los Angeles Monday night. Highlights include a new glacier-white PS4, PlayStation TV and a bunch of new games for the leading gaming console system.

Microsoft keeps Xbox One E3 focus on games

Microsoft keeps Xbox One E3 focus on games

When head of Microsoft's Xbox division Phil Spencer took the stage ahead of E3 and said the company's presentation would be all about games this year, he wasn't kidding. For the next 90 minutes the company showed trailer after trailer...


3D modeling gives USS Arizona Memorial a digital makeover

Using 3D modeling technology the US National Park Service is working on the first comprehensive survey of the USS Arizona memorial in 30 years.

How to change the voice on your Android phone

Changing the voice used for navigation on an Android phone from robotic to something more natural is easy, but buried in the menus.

Inside United Airlines' nerve center

When Tracy Lee talks about the weather he's not just making idle conversation.

80s video game updated with Oculus Rift, Kinect

What do you get when you combine an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, a Kinect motion tracking sensor, multiple computers and a video game from the 1980s? PaperDude VR, a project presented at the Computer Human Interaction...

Microsoft's prototype keyboard understands gestures

Microsoft's research division has developed a keyboard that can interpret basic hand gestures, potentially bridging a gap between touch devices and more traditional input methods.

Home inkjet printer fabricates circuit boards on photo paper

Using a home inkjet printer, special ink and photo paper, scientists from Microsoft Research have created what they hope will be the future for fabricating basic electronics. Presented at CHI 2014 in Toronto, the project uses...

How to selectively delete browser history

Rather than delete your entire browsing history after visiting a website you want to keep secret, there's an easy way to remove individual sites.

World Tech Update: On the road at the New York Auto Show

This week on World Tech Update we take you inside the New York Auto Show, where BMW introduced its X5 eDrive concept car.

World Tech Update: Google buys drone maker Titan Aerospace and NHK shows off 8K television

This week on World Tech Update, Google confirmed its acquisition of drone maker Titan Aerospace, a move poised to advance delivery of the company's data services and mapping applications.

Phantom flying drone shoots improved, more stable video

Aerial videography drone maker DJI introduced its next generation quad-copter, the Phantom 2 Vision Plus, at NAB in Las Vegas Monday.

World Tech Update: Microsoft puts Office on the iPad and Facebook's $2 billion VR bet

This week on World Tech Update, our weekly news video review, we take a closer look at Microsoft's long-awaited Office for iPad.

World Tech Update: Sony enters VR gaming with Project Morpheus, Google's new Android Wear

This week on World Tech Update, our weekly tech news video review, we take a closer look at Sony's new Project Morpheus.

World Tech Update: World Wide Web turns 25, fate of missing Malaysia Airlines plane still unsolved

Happy Birthday World Wide Web! One of the top tech stories this week was the World Wide Web turning 25 and its creator, Tim Berners-Lee, calling for new rules to protect Internet users from government interference. He said he believes...

Connected clothing can tell how soundly your baby is sleeping

Singing along to the Disney movie playing in the background, Dulcie Madden helped hand-package thousands of high-tech baby clothes from her start up in Boston's Leather District. Madden is the CEO and co-founder of Rest Devices,...

NASA satellite to bring high-speed data to Hubble, ISS

NASA's newest Tracking and Data Relay (TDRS) satellite, which will provide high data-rate communications to space craft, went into orbit Thursday night.

Ford enlists MIT, Stanford to drive automated cars

Ford is enlisting top U.S. universities to make self-driving cars a reality, announcing Wednesday that it hopes researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology can come up with advanced algorithms to help vehicles learn where...

Land and air drones you don't need to worry about

Drone-maker Parrot debuted two new toy drones ahead of the International CES Sunday night.

2013 Year End: Apple Review

In 2013 Apple, once dominant in the smartphone and tablet arenas saw increasing competition that took away its market share. Take a look back at Apple's biggest moments in 2013 in our year end review. Be sure to check out our other...

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