Pat Calhoun

Personal firewalls

Is there a value to integrating personal firewalls into my wireless LAN?

Differences between LWAPP and GRE

I recently read the LWAPP Flap article in Network World. The article suggests that the only currently existing alternative to using Lightweight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP) for communications between access points and wireless LAN...

Why does a wireless system need extra VPNs?

My current LAN contains VPNs at various locations throughout the enterprise. Why does our wireless infrastructure need to incorporate additional VPN functionality?

How can WPA be more secure than WEP?

I read that a WPA implementation in a SOHO setting doesn't require an authentication server, instead a mode called "pre-shared key" will be used. How could this be more secure than WEP, since it can also be considered a pre-shared key?...

LWAPP brings harmony to WLANs

Lightweight Access Point Protocol's goal is to provide consistent behavior across WLAN devices, ensure multi-vendor WLAN interoperability, protect WLAN hardware investments and create a foundation for delivering advanced WLAN...

Watching for rogues

How can I protect my network from rogue access points?

How can we provide for WLAN mobility?

Are there ways to provide wireless LAN mobility over the enterprise without creating a flat radio frequency domain?

Preventing wireless snooping

Q: How can I prevent people from eavesdropping on my wireless network?

Will existing APs work with new switches?

Q: Can I use my existing access points with next-generation wireless switches and appliances?

Protecting your WLAN from attacks

Q: How do I protect my wireless LAN from RF-related attacks?

Patching coverage holes

Q. I'm experiencing periodic coverage holes in my wireless network.  How can I prevent this?

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