Paul Ferrill

Paul Ferrill has been writing about computers and networking for more than 25 years. He's had articles published in InfoWorld, Network World, PC Magazine, and a wide range of other publications. He's also the author of two books and currently working on a third.

Numara Track-It focuses on aiding help desks at SMBs

Numara Track-It, Enterprise Edition focuses on helping the help desk.

Issues on the horizon

A summary of trends that have an effect on desktop management.

LANDesk rules the roost in desktop management

Our Clear Choice Test of desktop-management software points to Altiris and LANDesk.

Why you should Trust Eli with most security updates

The Trust Eli managed service is great for those with more than one PC in the home that they want to protect.

How we did it

How we tested the EmergeCore IT-100.

EmergeCore combines file sharing, Web server, e-mail

For a Linux-based e-mail, file and print sharing option that is simple to set up and configure, consider the EmergeCore IT-100 IT in a Box appliance.

Strong wireless security for the SOHO network

LucidLink makes it easy to shut out unwelcome guests.

Novell Linux Desktop

Is NLD ready for the corporate desktop? Our answer is a qualified yes. Handling routine office chores using Open Office for word processing, Evolution for e-mail and Firefox for Web browsing works great. However, connecting to Windows...

LANsurveyor 8.5 for Windows

Neon Software's LANsurveyor 8.5 for Windows provides the network map you need, and some desktop management and basic security tools.

Installation via NetInstall

Installing software on multiple desktops is more than a trivial task. While tools such as Microsoft SMS and NetSupport DNA include a software distribution function, they don't quite measure up to the features found in NetInstall.

NetSupport DNA

We recently tested the newest version of NetSupport DNA, and while it still has a few warts, it does a great job of making a system administrator's job easier.

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