Pete Bartolik

Pete Bartolik has researched and written about technology and vertical market segments for many years and has worked on many market research, writing and social media projects. He was news editor of the IT management publication, Computerworld, and a reporter for a daily newspaper.

Fabric-cating Tomorrow’s Data Center

Demands of VM-heavy networks require east-west traffic flows rather than north-south hierarchical switching.

Are You Ready for SDN’s Rocket Ride?

Software everything driving data center networking

3 Questions to Ask About Network Subscriptions

Why should network devices be exempt from capacity-on-demand pricing?

Rent-a-Network May Be in Your Future

Data center networking follows the utility model

Networking’s Getting a Little Abstract

Industry embraces the flexibility and agility of SDN

SDN – It’s Just Logical

It’s one area that enterprises and services providers can agree on

Can Your Data Center Survive a Subpoena?

Industry shudders as judge orders Microsoft to hand over foreign-based email

Don’t Give Up on Government Innovation

Network promises entice the slow-to-respond bureaucracy

Are You Feeling Boxed In?

ONUG looks to steer vendors away from lock-in goals

Confused by SDN & NFV?

These may be complementary options for the network of tomorrow

Fighting Legacy Inertia: Are Hybrid Clouds the Answer?

Cloud provider price wars may lead to better ways to manage integration of older and newer IT worlds

It’s Getting Hot in Here: Titans Clash over SDN Standards

Cloud providers’ hyperscale operations driving network architecture advances

Data Centers to World: Not Dead Yet!

Anticipating the next-gen data center

Climbing Aboard the 3rd Platform

Recent news from IBM and Microsoft highlight the upheavals underway as the technology industry rapidly transitions to new realities.

Internet of Overwhelming Things

As the era of Internet of Things (IoT) dawned, the fridge got hacked. Well, maybe not.

Against All Odds

No doubt, there are consumers of data center services who share my despair over getting access to the unrestricted wonders enabled by ongoing innovations in social, mobile, cloud and big data. IDC has dubbed those innovations...

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