Peter Fretty


As a highly experienced journalist, Peter Fretty regularly covers technology advances, software advances, gadgets and SMB issues. He has written thousands of feature articles, cover stories and white papers for an assortment of trade journals, business publications and consumer magazines. He has also served as the BI columnist for Advanced Manufacturing, gadget columnist for Continental Airlines' in-flight magazine and Help Desk! columnist for PM Network with a focus on project management software. His work has appeared in Advanced Manufacturing, Business Advisor, Canadian Security, Continental In-flight Magazine, C-Store Decisions, Digital Video, Diversity Texas, Family Business, Frontline Solutions, Industrial Engineer, Info Security Professional, Manufacturing Automation, Minority Business News, PM Network, Paperboard Packaging, Plant Engineering & Maintenance, Sales Promotion, Sam’s Club Source Magazine, Wells Fargo Roundup, Women s Enterprise and Yahoo! Small Business Resource.

Digital Transformation: IT Leaders Discuss SD-WAN’s Emerging Role

Managing Mishaps

Best practices and upfront alignment prove pivotal in sidestepping UC deployment issues

Unified Communication: A Look into the Future

There are currently some very clear trends occurring

Scalability matters

When considering cloud-based UC solutions, understanding how benefits like scalability apply to your organization can speed up the time to ROI.

Fostering Collaboration

Business collaboration tools can boost productivity and success when done correctly

What Does Cloud-Based Really Mean?

In the world of UC, what a provider actually has in the cloud can make a big difference

Are You Ahead of or Behind the Mobility Movement?

With the right UC in place the always-on business model can be a reality

Forget Disaster Recovery, Try Avoidance

Leveraging cloud-based UC makes all the difference when the next Snowmageddon strikes

Are You Experiencing Feature Frustration?

Rather than causing frustration, UC systems should make their powerful features easy for everyone to use

Power to the People

New cloud-based offering strips complexity out of UC, without hampering productivity.

7 Startups Show How the Entrepreneurial Spirit Drives Innovation

GigTank, an entrepreneur accelerator event, paired seven startups with mentors, business leaders and others able to help people with big ideas start to bring them to market. Everyone gathered in Chattanooga, Tenn., where citywide 1...

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