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Rich Mogull is a security analyst at Securosis. He's the security editor at TidBits and has been covering security for 20 years.

How FBI vs. Apple could cripple corporate and government security

Why the FBI's request to Apple will affect civil rights for a generation

Why the FBI's request to Apple will affect civil rights for a generation

No legal case applies in a vacuum, and in this case the FBI needs the precedent more than the evidence.

The iPhone 5s fingerprint reader: what you need to know

So Apple has announced that it's building a fingerprint reader into its new flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5s, calling that technology Touch ID. Here's what you need to know about it.

Java security threats: What you need to know

First, the bad news. Once again, Mac users are at risk due to a flaw in Java, similar to the one that enabled the Flashback Trojan. Even worse, there isn't (yet) a patch to fix that vulnerability. But don't worry: This time...

Living with Windows: security

Under ordinary circumstances, and in the hands of an educated user, a properly configured Mac is not much of a security risk. Sharing a network with Windows systems doesn't change that; the Mac is still relatively safe.

Mac security: what you can ignore

When you say "computer security," most people think "viruses," "worms," and other forms of malware. They also think, "Mac users don't have to worry about it." And they're correct. But that could always change. So it pays to keep your...

Mac security reality check: mobile tech

Portable technology--laptops and iPhones particularly--come with their own special security risks. They can be lost, for starters. And iPhones can be made especially vulnerable if you jailbreak them. Here are some tips for keeping...

Mac security reality check: user error

Some security problems are due to user error (or user laziness). It's not that hard to practice good system security on your Mac. But a surprising number of people--including some who should know better--don't. Here are some basic...

Mac security focus: Firewalls

Firewalls monitor and regulate the data moving on and off your computer or network. They can keep criminals out while allowing legitimate network traffic in. Mac OS X comes with not one but two firewalls of its own. However, those two...

The DNS vulnerability: What you should know and do

On July 31, 2008, Apple released an overdue patch for a major vulnerability in the way Mac OS X Server handles turning the names in Web sites and e-mail addresses into the numeric addresses used for connections. The vulnerability is a...

VPN Tracker 5.2

Few workplace experiences are as frustrating as attempting to configure a new virtual private network connection. In order to achieve successful remote access--from an employee's home to an office server, say--there are a myriad of...

Close the ports

There are two schools of thought when it comes to the software firewall built into OS X.

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