Robert Lemos

Android's big security flaw, and why only Google can fix it

Device makers and carriers let patches languish, so users may not ever get them -- a new approach is sorely needed

Cracked SpyEye cheers, worries researchers

A hacking group has released a tool to remove the copy protection for a popular bot program, an event that is both good news and bad news for end users, a security researcher said Tuesday.

MIA talk was to focus on Android developer mistakes

A lack of code checking and security education has led to dozens, if not hundreds, of application security flaws that affect the Android platform, researchers claim.

Industrial controllers need security rewrite

The stripped down systems that control many manufacturing, utility and industrial processes have enormous security issues, researchers find.

Prototype drive-by attack shows mobile threat

In an analysis of current mobile security, one firm finds 8 percent of apps send off sensitive identifiers and demonstrates a possible drive-by attack vector.

Pentagon unveils five steps for better cybersecurity

The U.S. Department of Defense goes public with its strategy for cyberspace.

Hacktivism moves from pranks to problems

Far from being "sophisticated" attacks, LulzSec and Anonymous are run of the mill, say experts. But companies need to look to their defenses.

The problem with doing - and not doing - an iPhone jailbreak

Jailbreak your iPhone or stay off the Internet, say security researchers.

New scoring systems for software security: CWSS and CWRAF

Companies get a framework to evaluate software vulnerabilities, as the consequences of failing to patch flaws become clearer.

WordPress warns server admins of Trojans

For about a day, three popular plugins used by WordPress installations contained rogue code, says the company that maintains the code.

DNS agility leads to botnet detection

Research out of the Georgia Institute of Technology can detect when bot masters reserve domains to set up command-and-control networks.

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