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Surviving a Mastodon stampede

As Elon Musk drives Twitter users to Mastodon, its underlying architecture can overload content-provider networks

post 12 image three ways that security in the azure cloud just got simpler

Researchers found security pitfalls in IBM’s cloud infrastructure

A demonstrated attack by cybersecurity researchers in IBM’s cloud infrastructure allowed them access to the internal server used to build database images for customer deployments.

Binary chain links of data  >  Blockchain / blockchain security / linked elements

Software projects face supply chain security risk due to insecure artifact downloads via GitHub Actions

Cybersecurity researchers found risks in the GitHub Actions platform that could enable attackers to inject malicious code into software projects and initiate a supply chain attack.


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Is SASE right for your organization? 5 key questions to ask

How to make sure SASE makes sense for your organization

A spiraling clock marks the passage of time.

Linux bash tips: Many ways to loop using bash

There are many ways to loop through data on Linux using bash and many ways to generate the data to be looped through.

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Weekly internet health check, US and worldwide

ThousandEyes, which tracks internet and cloud traffic, provides Network World with weekly updates on the performance of three categories of service provider: ISP, cloud provider, UCaaS.

post 10 image free trials of hardened vms in aws marketplace

AWS launches new chips, replacement for TCP

AWS re:Invent: An Arm-based CPU for high-performance computing, a networking chip that doubles performance of its predecessor, and a TCP protocol replacement to speed up networks in the AWS cloud.

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Commands for finding out if compressed Linux files are the same

The zdiff and zcmp commands can see if Linux files differ and if so, how.

HTTP prefix sympolizing a web address / URL/ domain being manipulated by a hacker.

5 DNS services to provide a layer of internet security

Use these DNS services—some free—to protect against malware and other unwanted content.

Industry 4.0 - Internet of Things [IoT]

Schneider Electric, SAP tighten bonds to ease IIoT system integration

Two major companies, one specializing in high-tech industrial systems and the other in enterprise management software, are deepening their partnership, with the idea of making industrial IoT application deployment easier, and...


SD-WAN adoption

Cisco updates SD-WAN to simplify provisioning, management

Latest Cisco SD-WAN release will include new features to automate connectivity and expand support for regions, enabling greater redundancy and failover-centric network designs.

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Seagate introduces HDDs as fast as SSDs

Seagates Exos 2X18 features multiple drive heads that enable it to match SATA SSD speeds.

Cloud computing

Cisco to gauge user experience with its cloud-management service

AWS re:Invent: Cisco announces the addition of business transaction insights to its AppDynamics Cloud management platform .

A binary matrix overlays a network / datacenter / server room.

Data-center requirements should drive network architecture

Accept that the cloud is now part of the data center and needs to be incorporated in a low-latency mesh that supports modern applications.

promoting an idea / raising awareness / lightbulb / technology / gear / innovation / transformation

10 most powerful network-management companies

Innovative vendors have expanded beyond monitoring networks and are building full-stack, SaaS-based observability platforms.