Scarlet Pruitt

Scarlet Pruitt is a reporter for the IDG News Service.

New worm lures users with 'breaking news'

Internet users alarmed over news of Michael Jackson's death or dark conspiracies behind the demise of Pope John Paul II should perhaps just be worried that they received another new e-mail worm.

Cybercriminals get a 10-year jail sentence

Two men have been sentenced to a total of 10 years in prison for their roles in a wide range of online fraud activities, U.K. authorities said this week.

Hotmail takes a tougher stance on spam

Microsoft is throwing the full weight of Hotmail behind its Sender ID e-mail authentication technology by sidelining incoming mail when it fails to pass a Sender ID check.

Google confirms work on Internet payment service

Google has confirmed that it is developing an online payment system, although it says it has no plans to take on eBay's PayPal service.

Microsoft names new international head

Microsoft Monday named a new head for its international operations, in a move that underscores the software maker's increasing focus on global sales, and emerging markets in particular.

U.K. government is target in e-mail attack

Critical infrastructure providers in the U.K. are being targeted in Trojan e-mail attacks designed to steal sensitive information such as passwords and documents, a national infrastructure security agency warned Thursday.

Microsoft investigates MSN Korea hack

Microsoft had to take part of its MSN Korea property offline earlier this week after hackers attempted to compromise a section of the site.

Mytob writers could be creating a super bug

Virus writers responsible for the recent rash of Mytob worm variants could be working on creating a super worm, a security researcher warned Friday.

Yahoo and Cisco combine their anti-spam technologies

Yahoo and Cisco this week announced they are combining their anti-spam technologies to create a new e-mail authentication system.

New Mytob worm poses as IT administrator

Another variant of the Mytob worm began wiggling its way into inboxes this week, enticing recipients to open an e-mail attachment that could allow a remote hacker to access and perform commands on an infected machine.

Microsoft will add 'Raw' photo support to Windows

Aiming to please photography enthusiasts, Microsoft is enhancing current and upcoming versions of its Windows operating system to allow users to more easily work with "Raw" image files, which take information directly from the...

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