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Resizing images on the Linux command line

The convert command (part of ImageMagick) can change the resolution of image files faster than you can count to F in hex.

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Weekly internet health check, US and worldwide

ThousandEyes, which tracks internet and cloud traffic, provides Network World with weekly updates on the performance of three categories of service provider: ISP, cloud provider, UCaaS.

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Intel revises its XPU strategy

Intel is switching up its data-center processor roadmap, and its proposed combination CPU and GPU, code-named Falcon Shores, will now be a GPU chip only.


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Converge NOCs with SOCs to save time and effort

Marrying network operations centers with security operations centers can streamline troubleshooting and reduce duplication of effort.

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After China's Micron ban, US lawmakers urge sanctions on chips from CXMT

After the Chinese government said it was banning the use of some Micron chips due to security risks, US lawmakers lobby for a ban on one of its biggest Chinese competitors.

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Intel launches Agilex FPGA for smart networking

The new processor is built around processing network workloads to take the load off the CPU.

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Microsoft integrates Nvidia’s AI Enterprise Suite with Azure Machine Learning

The integration of Nvidia’s software suite will further help enterprises build, deploy, and manage applications based on large language models.


Nvidia joins with Dell to target on-prem generative AI

Project Helix will see Dell and Nvidia combine their hardware and software infrastructure to help enterprises build and manage generative AI models on-premises.

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Now on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond: One slightly used data center

Its North Carolina facility may be the most valuable asset that Bed, Bath & Beyond has left to liquidate.

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FCC’s latest spectrum move rewards satellite providers

The FCC is performing a balancing act between satisfying the needs of satellite and terrestrial radio operators.


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Ethernet turns 50, but its voyage has only begun

With the tech world celebrating Ethernet's 50th anniversary this week, the technology is adapting to evolving network demands as varied as AI, distributed computing, and virtual reality.

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5G network slices could be vulnerable to attack, researchers say

Configuration errors and device vulnerabilities could allow attackers to move laterally across 5G network slices.

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Frontier still reigns as world's fastest supercomputer

The top 10 supercomputers on the June 2023 list compiled by TOP500 remain the same as last time.

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UK announces $1.2B chip strategy, faces criticism over funding size

Two years after the UK government promised it would introduce forward a national semiconductor strategy, a new policy paper outlines its efforts to make the UK an industry leader.

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Meta is working on its own chip, data center design for AI workloads

The Facebook parent said that it is working on a new AI-optimized data center design and the second phase of its 16,000 GPU supercomputer for AI research.