Steve Alexander

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With more than 20 years of telecom experience, Mr. Alexander is currently serving as Ciena’s Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Alexander has held a number of positions since joining the Company in 1994, including General Manager of Ciena's Transport & Switching and Data Networking business units, Vice President of Transport Products and Director of Lightwave Systems.

From 1982 until joining Ciena, Mr. Alexander was employed at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, where he last held the position of Assistant Leader of the Optical Communications Technology Group. Mr. Alexander is an IEEE Fellow and was the recipient of the IEEE Communications Society Industrial Innovation Award in 2012. He is currently an Associate Editor for the IEEE / OSA Journal of Optical Communications and Networking. He has served as a member of the Federal Communications Commission Technological Advisory Council, as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Lightwave Technology, as a member of the IEEE / LEOS Board of Governors, and was a General Chair of the conference on Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) in 1997.

Mr. Alexander received both his B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has been granted 18 patents and has authored a text on Optical Communication Receiver Design as well as numerous conference and journal articles.

The opinions expressed in this blog are those of Steve Alexander and do not necessarily represent those of IDG Communications, Inc., its parent, subsidiary or affiliated companies.

Ready or not, ultra HD is here

Cable and telco operators, and video distributors, are taking steps to dramatically improve our TV viewing experience so we can watch sporting events like the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in 8K. (That means you'll feel like your team is in the...

Keeping up with demand in an instant gratification economy

A boom or recession in the "Instant Gratification Economy” hinges on the quality of the user experience: a lag in connection is the networking equivalent of the Dow plummeting.

Coming soon: The app store for virtualization

In much the same way the consumer can download a quick game featuring colliding candy, a photo editing application or even a new operating system upgrade, there’s no reason why an enterprise can’t do the same for a virtual hardware...

Scaling networks for the web-scale effect

The network is adapting to the new web-scale realities of web traffic.

It's my network and I’ll binge watch if I want to

As the enabler of today's app-centric, cloud and content-driven world, the network is evolving and network providers are taking steps to close the gap between what the consumer wants and what the network can deliver.

2015: The year SDN and NFV go mainstream

In 2015, we expect to see organizations begin to take steps to truly embrace software defined networking (SDN) and its sibling – network functions virtualization (NFV). What other technologies and trends might we see in 2015?

The promise of NFV for the enterprise

We can try to explain what NFV is, we can talk about getting ahead of the trends all we want, and we can discuss the merits from a networking perspective until we are blue in the face. But what matters most to the board is how NFV...

Mind the Agility Gap

Mind the Agility Gap

As technologists, we now have to “mind the gap” that is beginning to appear on the Internet as content and cloud providers move more data around. So how do we “mind the gap”? Software-Defined Network (SDN) technologies can provide...

OTN offers transparent service delivery

The global migration to IP/Ethernet applications is forcing enterprises to address two major WAN issues - converging TDM and packet networks to reduce expenses, and improving network and service management to support...

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