Sumner Lemon

Lemon is a reporter for the IDG News Service.

Lenovo 'lucky' Apple not focused on China, says exec

Lenovo is "lucky" that Apple CEO Steve Jobs isn't focused on the Chinese market, according to reported comments by Lenovo's chairman.

Singapore plans to fight road congestion with satellites

Singapore will explore the use of satellite tracking technology to update its Electronic Road Pricing system and reduce road congestion, a government minister announced this week.

Singapore offers tax break for angel investors

Fifty percent of the amount that Singaporean angel investors invest in local startup companies will be tax deductible under a new government program announced Tuesday.

Battle lines drawn over parallel processing

Intel tried to push back at coverage of a recently published paper that found its Core i7 processors couldn't match the parallel processing performance of an Nvidia GPU, saying its rival took the findings of the paper out of context...

Intel: 2-year-old Nvidia GPU outperforms 3.2GHz Core i7

Intel researchers have published the results of a performance comparison between their latest quad-core Core i7 processor and a two-year-old Nvidia graphics card, and found that the Intel processor can't match the graphics chip's...

Singapore registers 1,000 Chinese-language domain names

Singapore has registered about 1,000 Chinese-language domain names since authorities began accepting name registrations last year, the government said.

Nintendo chooses Japan's Pica 3D engine over AMD, Nvidia

Nintendo's 3DS portable game console will uses a graphics processing engine designed by a Japanese company, which was selected over technology from graphics heavyweights like Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices, an analyst said.

StarHub CEO not sure Singaporeans need fiber to the home

Singapore is in the early stages of building a high-speed broadband network with fiber optic connections to every home and building, but it's not yet clear what Singaporean users will do with all of the extra bandwidth they will soon...

Indonesia, India offers better prospects than China, MS says

Microsoft sees better opportunities in Indonesia and India than it does in China due to "very, very low" protection for intellectual property in China, Microsoft's chief executive said Wednesday. CEO says Microsoft is a 'patent troll' Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff Tuesday declined to comment on the patent lawsuit brought against his company by Microsoft, but that didn't stop him from calling his rival names.

VMware: Media overplaying our role in EMC-Cisco partnership

The significance of VMware's role in a three-way partnership with Cisco Systems and EMC has been overblown by the media, a senior VMware executive said, reaffirming the company's intention to remain neutral amidst competition between...

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