Ted Samson

Ted Samson was a staff writer at InfoWorld.

OpenStack gains momentum as vendors give Grizzly a bear hug

HP, NetApp, and an array of cloud startups roll out new cloud offerings built around OpenStack Grizzly

Rackspace launches new OpenStack-based cloud portfolio

Company unveils array of new services, including a MySQL offering optimized for the cloud

Scammers waste no time in exploiting Steve Jobs's death

As much of the world mourns the passing of Steve Jobs -- one of the technology industry's greatest visionaries -- the bottom feeders of the cyber crime world are greedily exploiting the tragedy through scams promising unwitting users...

The green IT stars of 2011

InfoWorld's 2011 Green 15 Awards: Sustainable IT practices bring rich rewards

EMC: RSA SecurID info swiped via sophisticated hack attack

Company exec warns customers that stolen information could be used to more easily penetrate customers' systems

Feds wrongly links 84,000 seized sites to child porn

Imagine you're a respectable, law-abiding owner of a small business. You show up to your shop one morning, only to find the doors barred and a big sign in front window reading, "The federal government has seized this business as it's...

Oracle rolls out more critical patches for troublesome Java

Critical Patch Update fixes 21 bad-news vulnerabilities in Java SE and Java for Business

InfoWorld seeking nominations for 2011 Green 15 awards

Organizations of all sizes are invited to share their successful green IT projects

7 wacky products you missed at CES 2011

From scent-replication devices to miniature candy, CES had its share of unexpected announcements

The green IT stars of 2010

InfoWorld's 2010 Green 15 Awards: Green-tech projects coupled with innovation and collaboration yield bountiful rewards

HP grooms green data center services for small-business market

Company adapts services to reflect unique challenges of operating sub-5,000-square-foot facilities

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