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Setting up two wireless LANs in the same room

I want to set up two different wireless networks in the same room. Each one has a different Service Set Identifier (SSID). I am using two Symbol 4121 access points for one network, set to channels 1 and 11. Two Linksys access points...

Getting management buy-in for a mesh architecture

How can the wireless mesh architecture get management buy-in for an enterprise deployment?

Excessive RF interference

Is there something other than a wireless network that could be interfering at channel 11? We get 25% to 30% noise detected using AirMagnet. The interference could be at channel 10. This appears to be common at every site, including...

WiMax as fiber replacement

Can we use WiMax technology as a backbone (say to replace fiber optics) with the same efficiency as fiber? We want to connect equipment between cities. Can we use WiMax and have sufficient bandwidth?

Best type of wireless for limited multimedia use

Would an 802.11b/g network be adequate for limited multimedia (a few IP cameras, a few users), or do I need to move to 802.11a?

What happens when everyone has a WLAN?

Will interference limit the value of wireless LANs in the future? What happens when every company, resident and such has a wireless LAN?

Site surveys for new implementations

In planning for a new implementation, is a site survey a waste of time and energy or not?

What do we worry about for large-scale WLAN deployments?

We want to scale up our WLAN to very many users over large areas. For example, complete coverage of a university campus - and without reducing the bandwidth per user to something very small.

QoS and voice over Wi-Fi

With more than enough bandwidth available, would QoS be critical to implement for voice over Wi-Fi applications?

Controlling the access point signal

How accurately can the radio signal from an access point (which supports attenuation by varying the power output, such as some Buffalo access points) be attenuated, contained or controlled?

Controlling bandwidth for guest users

How can you control bandwidth utilization for your guest users vs. your internal users? We wouldn't want guests using up all of my Internet bandwidth. Also, if guests and internal users use the same access points, what's involved to...

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