Tom Gillis

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Tom Gillis co-founded Bracket Computing with the goal of delivering enterprise computing driven by business needs, not hardware limitations. Prior to founding Bracket, Tom was vice president and general manager of Cisco's security technology group, leading business units responsible for Cisco's entire network and content security product portfolio.

Prior to Cisco, Tom was vice president of marketing and part of the founding team at IronPort Systems, which was acquired by Cisco in 2007 for $830 million. He also previously served as vice president and general manager of media at IBEAM Broadcasting, which went public on the Nasdaq stock exchange in 2000. He has held leadership roles at Silicon Graphics, the Boston Consulting Group and Raytheon. Tom holds a BSEE from Tufts, an MSEE from Northwestern and an MBA from Harvard. His Forbes blog is widely followed by CIOs and global IT professionals.

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