Tom Nolle

Tom Nolle is president of CIMI Corporation, a strategic consulting firm located in Voorhees, New Jersey. He has been consulted on projects in banking, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and publishing; helped develop network standards; and consults on everything from LANs to satellite communications. Tom is know for a breezy style of speaking and writing, a dedication to the truth, and his "Southern Man" hat!

How to avoid the network-as-a-service shell game

Microsoft’s Nuance deal might trigger a new IT spending wave

Microsoft’s Nuance deal might trigger a new IT spending wave

In Microsoft’s hands, Nuance’s Dragon speech-to-text technology plus AI could turn Cortana into an assistant that figures out what you’re up to and delivers data you need before you ask.

Will open networking lock you in?

Will open networking lock you in?

While open networking may sound like it’s made up of interoperating parts that make for greater flexibility, it’s more difficult to achieve than you might think.

5G: Time to get real about what it will be used for

5G: Time to get real about what it will be used for

Hype around 5G suggests it will prompt revolutionary changes in what wireless is used for, but it’s success will be providing better answers to existing problems.

SD-WAN may be the key to smart network services

SD-WAN may be the key to smart network services

Managed SD-WAN devices at the edge could be how network operators personalize services for enterprises.

Economic crisis threatens networking growth

The beginning of a new year normally is a time to reflect; it's all the more so when the network industry is facing (along with the rest of the economy) a major financial crisis. 

Can networking get real?

If you looked recently at the companies started by venture capitalists and touted as the "next Cisco" or "next Google," you know the meaning of the term "bad ending."

A 'C change' in CDN?

In the world of content distribution networks, A is for Akamai. What about the rest? Is B for BitGravity, or maybe BitTorrent because of the potential impact of peer-to-peer technology on CDNs? Is C for content? I don’t think so. I...

PBT vs. MPLS: What if nobody wins?

Who wins the PBT/MPLS wars? Quite likely neither, because the fight may change how networks move data.

Facing the Sundance reality

Cablevisions' acquisition of Sundance and Newsday may light the direction the industry has to take. The industry is being transformed by content but we’re not even thinking much about how that content gets produced or how it’s paid...

Thinking beyond IMS

For a half decade, the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) has been either the savior of mobile service stability and progress or the last bastion of walled-gardenism, so to speak. The emotionalism of the discussion has obscured a really...

Picocell technology could help make fixed-mobile convergence a reality

An interesting thing happened in 1999. The unit price of a long-distance voice call to consumers, which had been falling since the early 1980s, finally crossed over the cost curve and long-distance voice became a loss leader. This...

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