Winn Schwartau

Winn Schwartau is the president of Interpact, Inc., a security awareness consulting firm, and the author of many books including " Information Warfare," " CyberShock," " Time Based Security" and " Internet and Computer Ethics for Kids." His popular speeches entertain government and commercial audiences on three continents.

We are not divided

Despite the endless portrayals of embittered foes in politics and business, we are not divided. Despite our healthy disagreements on details, we are in agreement about the goals of computer security.

Make security personal

A significant percentage of cybercrime is actually the fault of the very companies that want to protect themselves. Many companies make timid, awkward and ineffective attempts at teaching their staff about company security policies....

Spam cure: Nail the vendors

Get the phone numbers of the vendors of Viagra, penis enlargers and other multilevel marketers. Distribute the numbers and have all 10,000 of your close personal friends call the vendors' toll-free numbers every hour for a few days....

A tale of stupidity and liability

While viruses and worms relentlessly pound away at our perimeters, the latest challenge to corporate and small office/home office users is phishing. This is where you, the user, are the fish, susceptible to the enticements of the...

Let's end pass-the-buck security

None of us have it all right. None of us have it all wrong. But we all have to take and teach the same responsibility we were taught as children: It's your own damn fault if you touch a hot stove again and again.

MyDoom makes it past execs

Too many corporate executives set down edicts, contract out the security awareness services and then ignore their own advice. They expect everyone else to do the dirty work. This is a patently unacceptable approach to security and...

Another case of security by denial

Large consultancies are paid a lot of money to provide companies with information to help them run their businesses. But sometimes the statements issuing forth from these consultancies has me questioning their value to users.

Achieving secure unwired bliss

I am a really happy camper. I submitted this article to Network World from a high-speed train somewhere in the nether-reaches of the Carolinas. I had uninterrupted video streaming and consistent e-mail. The truly unwired experience is...

DefCon: All in good fun

The lack of rules at DefCon includes massive violations of dozens of federal felonies: password theft, telecom interception, system penetration. If you go to DefCon, caveat emptor: Your mere presence makes you a target - all in good...

Get smart about intelligence

What information on your corporate home page, while nice for marketing and image, has the potential to damage your firm if used by the wrong people? Can technical staff use their work e-mail addresses when conducting Internet...

Plugging corporate data leaks

Have you ever forwarded an e-mail to someone, then realized you left in original comments that the recipient wasn't supposed to see? Or maybe you accidentally forwarded a private company memo to a journalist or client? Company...

Who's in charge of crypto backup?

My friend Stan was evaluating how to add security at the desktop with crypto, add crypto to his consultant's laptops to protect data from subway hackers, and crypto-protect his servers. Smart move, or not?

What's happened to availability?

A new security triad, CPP, redefines the three main areas of security: Cyber (computer, network and information security), Physical (the wires, silicon, glass and structures) and People (employees, consultants, suppliers, partners and...

Becoming safer by spreading out

Temporal dispersion is an attempt to balance a business' risk by spreading critical hardware assets over a greater physical distance than heretofore thought necessary.

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