IoT devices-as-a-service through Angaza's SMS based installment payment plan

IoT devices-as-a-service through Angaza's SMS based installment payment plan

IoT devices such as solar panels are often out of the reach of people who need them the most, but do not have the money needed to needed to purchase them. An innovative new approach uses SMS codes to activate devices and keep them...

How IoT faded when net neutrality became ‘pay to play’

A futuristic view of the IoT industry set in 2020 projects how the industry could be impacted if net neutrality is replaced by "pay to play."

Barracuda protects industrial IoT with network-based firewall

Industrial IoT systems using open communication protocols may be vulnerable to attacks through TCP Port 502. Barracuda's NextGen Firewalls can help protect against that.

Underwriters Laboratories creates Living Lab for real-world IoT testing

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) created a real-world home environment to see how IoT devices communicate with one another and solve interoperability issues.

IoT protects fishing fleets and global fisheries with RPMA technology

The Orolia RPMA-based fishing beacon helps fisheries meet the demand for fish while maintaining healthy oceans.

IoT-enabled Delta Gloves help you keep your workout resolutions

PureCarbon’s IoT-enabled Delta Gloves use piezoresistive sensors, Bluetooth and advanced data analytics to track weights lifted and exercises performed.

Ayyeka Sigfox IoT sensors monitor sewage deep underground San Francisco

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission conducted a Smart Sewer pilot with Ayyeka to explore how Internet of Things (IoT) sensors could monitor sewage.

IoT in crime prevention: Balancing justice with privacy

Issues of privacy increase as IoT sensors collect more information about us and criminal investigators seek to use that data as evidence,

Coder turns AWS IoT Button into ACLU donation button

Coder turns AWS IoT Button into ACLU donation button

Nathan Pryor programmed the AWS IoT Button to create the ACLU Dash Button, making it easier to donate to the American Civil Liberties Union.

IoT security principles from Homeland Security

IoT security principles from Homeland Security

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently issued guidelines for securing the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT-based precision agriculture reduces the guesswork in farming

Farming involves a lot of uncertainty. What seeds are best suited to a particular soil and weather conditions? When is the right time to plant? What type of fertilizer should be used? Where should it be applied? How much irrigation is...

Surfers crowdsource oceanic data using Smartfin IoT sensors

With Smartfin IoT sensors on their surf boards, surfers are teaming with Lost Bird and the Surfrider Foundation to support oceanic research.

Which IoT applications work best with fog computing?

With IoT projects, often it's better to use fog computing where compute, storage and communications resources are place in a continuum between the cloud and the edge.

Denon + Marantz delights streaming music listeners with Oracle Service Cloud and IoT

Denon + Marantz uses Oracle Service Cloud to analyze customer service data from IoT-enabled devices. The goal is to enhance customer service and optimize product development.

Levi's Stadium uses IoT to enhance 49ers' fan experience

Levi's Stadium uses IoT to enhance 49ers' fan experience

VenueNext IoT technology at The San Francisco 49ers' Levi's Stadium helps management make real-time, data-driven decisions to improve customer service and maximize profits.

John Deere leads the way with IoT-driven precision farming

Precision farming driven by IoT technology let’s growers make the most of limited natural resources and feed more people.

Companies use IoT tech to personalize products, enhance consumer appeal

STYR, BOLTT and Sensoria use IoT sensors and data analysis to personalize products. The approach allows them to have an ongoing relationship with their customers.

Coping with IoT data overload? Try 3D visualization

DottyView provides interactive, 3D visual consoles to help monitor the huge amount of data generated by IoT systems.

How a distributed databus enhances industrial IoT systems

Mission-critical IoT systems depend on distributed databus frameworks for low-latency, fault-tolerant connectivity.

Arbor Networks adapts missile defense strategy for DDoS protection

Networked DDoS defenses, such as those from Arbor Networks, mitigate the danger from hacked IoT devices.

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