How to achieve security via whitelisting with Docker containers  

Twistlock has developed techniques that effectively provide whitelisting to Docker containers

How to assess security automation tools

Understanding the differences between the tools that promise to ease your security workload

CyberTech conference showcases cybersecurity solutions originating in Israel  

Israel is developing cybersecurity expertise and solutions as a leading export. The recent CyberTech conference in Tel Aviv showcased both products and talent that are making an impact

TechDemocracy aims to provide a holistic assessment of cyber risk  

The company’s platform measures the effectiveness of existing tools and offers a consolidated view

As Baby Boomers retire, the shortage of mainframe professionals grows more acute  

People who started their careers when the mainframe was king are retiring in droves, yet this computing platform is still vital to many businesses

Secdo automates alert investigation with preemptive incident response  

Secdo automates alert investigation with preemptive incident response  

The company says its platform cuts incident response time by correlating alerts with endpoint forensic data, instantly revealing the attack chain, root cause, entities involved and damage assessment

Wandera helps manage the risks a mobile fleet poses to corporate data  

The company offers a secure mobile gateway in the cloud that customers route data through, and a corresponding app that gets installed on end user devices

Corero says its always-on DDoS defense system automatically safeguards service providers  

Legacy approaches and mitigation techniques don’t seem to be capable of fighting off DDoS attacks. Corero claims it can stop them instantaneously

Skyhigh Networks adds threat protection and data loss prevention capabilities to the cloud  

As more corporate data is stored in the cloud, security incidents are no longer isolated to PCs and applications on the network

TopSpin Security deploys realistic deceptions to lure and trap attackers

Deception technology can be effective in detecting an attacker as soon as they begin making moves on the network.

Comodo Certificate Manager relieves the burden of managing security certificates manually  

Some companies have 10,000 or more certificates, and managing them manually is time consuming and error-prone. A management platform can automate certificate discovery and renewal

25% to 30% of users struggle with identifying phishing threats, study says

25% to 30% of users struggle with identifying phishing threats, study says

Some 8 million phishing email messages are opened every day

The FIDO Alliance provides strong authentication for online services  

Passwords are too often stolen, shared or simply too weak to be a solo means of authentication. The FIDO Alliance has developed new protocols that enable strong authentication for online and mobile services.

Loggly aims to reveal what matters in log data  

Log files are a common thread across a company's entire technology stack, but the trick is being able to quickly mind that data for insights

ManagedMethods brings shadow IT and shadow data into the light

As use of SaaS accelerates, organizations need to regain visibility and control. This cloud access security broker sheds light on what's going on

LILEE Systems' new fog computing platform is well suited to distributed enterprises  

Can help meet the unique challenges of analyzing data close to its points of origin

Infocyte HUNT sets out to answer the question, "Have we been hacked?"

Rather than waiting for security alerts to investigate, more and more enterprises are adding the ability to hunt for signs of a compromise

NuData Security adds 'unspoofable' dimensions to the identity process  

User credentials alone are no longer trustworthy. NuData builds profiles by looking at personal traits like typing speed

Distil Networks uses device fingerprints to detect malicious web bots

Web applications are increasingly being subjected to automated threats such as click fraud, comment spam, content scraping, and more. Bot detection and mitigation can close these vulnerabilities.

Illusive Networks uses deception to detect an attacker in your network

Sophisticated attackers can be a challenge to detect. Illusive Networks puts deceptions everywhere to catch them when they move around your network

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