2015 IT Data Center Infrastructure Convergence Predictions

Major IT system vendors Cisco, EMC/ VCE, HP, Dell, and IBM will broaden their infrastructure portfolio to include hyper-converged solutions.


Cisco: See No EVO, Hear No EVO, Speak New Partnerships

Cisco is not participating in VMware EVO:RAIL, but continues momentum with VCE and NetApp and enhances market opportunities with IBM VersaStack, Maxta, StratoScale, Pure Storage and Simplivity.


The Top 5 Opportunities for VMware EVO:RAIL Partners

Since the standard version of EVO:RAIL finds every solution looking nearly identical to one another, participating vendors must market, message, position, and uniquely differentiate themselves from the pack. Opportunities exist in the...


AWS re:Invent(ing) IT, Business Models and Marketing

AWS held its 3rd annual re:Invent user conference with 13,500 attendees in Las Vegas. While the event had similarities to other IT conferences that included an expo floor, keynotes, and sessions I was fascinated by, AWS has the...


Enterprise Mobility and the Cloud highlight Microsoft TechEd Conference

This year's TechEd conference was enlightening in Microsoft's approach to the topic of mobile security. Some highlights can be viewed on my blog. The core message of endpoint device flexibility and security was simple, but the...


Desktops and Apps On the Go

I still remember the day I had to feed the PC with 20+ 3.5” disks to load it up with Windows 95. The ultimate result of the install was fantastic for time, but the process was like watching paint dry! I didn’t have to worry much...


Microsoft Cloud OS Network Strengthens Weak Link

Microsoft's Cloud OS strategy includes Windows Azure, on premise Windows Server with Azure pack and service providers running on the Microsoft platform


Holiday Shopping? Android, Apple, or Microsoft

Have you ever noticed how we are all considered IT experts come the holiday time? Brothers, mothers, grandfathers, aunts, cousins and close friends all turn to us for their latest technology purchasing decision. Since I am a bit of...


Ignoring Microsoft is Risky

For all the years I have been in IT, it’s been easy to poke at Microsoft. Whether it has been blue screen of death, countless hours rebooting, or performance slumps on the desktop. Over time, it’s been fun to join in on the ...


Simplivity Changing the Way IT Runs

If you are having any doubts about the IT infrastructure consumption model changing, Simplivity’s series C of $58 million should catch the attention of a lot of IT vendors and IT consumers. Consuming infrastructure piece parts that...


Businesses Report Significant Use of Desktop Virtualization Technology

Desktop virtualization is an alternative PC delivery model in which applications, operating systems, user data, profiles, and/or entire end-user environments are encapsulated and delivered to or executed on a remote endpoint device....


The Power of 3: Citrix, Cisco, and NetApp Deliver Data Center to the Desktop

The synergies, engineering efforts, and go to market execution of these three companies should not be underestimated in a time where IT organizations are looking for integrated solutions and businesses transform toward cloud...


3 Highlights with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

With any server operating system upgrade, IT is always looking for the hooks that help motivate the upgrade process and deliver additional value. Sometimes it is as simple as better performance, a single feature that has been a long...


Dell VRTX Wraps in Additional Features

Earlier this year, Dell introduced its PowerEdge VRTX into the market with a goal of simplifying IT infrastructure for midmarket customers and ROBOs (remote office branch office). Further details and insights are located in this blog...


VCE Continues to Demonstrate Solid Momentum

VCE remains the vendor that, when I mention their name, the lights go on and people seem to get the value of ICPs (integrated computing platforms). While many vendors are participating in this market, VCE’s early market presence and...


Microsoft Surface Server for Your Data Center?

ESG has been tracking and monitoring the integrated computing platform (ICP) market extensively, as major system vendors like Hitachi, HP, Dell and IBM align their server, networking, and storage products into a single turnkey...


Server Virtualization Holding Pattern Leading to Cloud Stall

The macro IT market is experiencing an extended evaluation and research period for IT organizations that is resulting in a dip in action for vendors.Server virtualization has been one of the hottest technologies to hit IT in years,...


NetApp and Cisco Expand FlexPod Portfolio

Keeping pace with the rapid rate of change in integrated computing platforms (ICPs), NetApp and Cisco aren't wasting any time aligning innovation with the demands of its 2,400 customers. The days of do-it-yourself (DIY) builds are...


Scale Computing Puts its Go To Market Partners to Work

Shifts in IT consumption trends typically require a corresponding transition in the way that IT is sold and delivered to the business. A real time example of this is the development and adoption of integrated computing platforms...


Nutanix Launches New Partner Network

Most organizations do not gain a competitive advantage or drive revenue based on their server, storage, and network implementations; they accelerate growth through improved business processes and well-planned application...


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