Imprezzeo makes image search easier

I use stock photography sites quite a bit when looking for materials to supplement our video production efforts. One of the great frustrations though is the search engines on these sites are limited by how images are tagged with...


Skype on the iPhone is a sweet app

Keith Shaw and I tested out Skype on the iPhone today. You can see the fruits of the test here: Very nice app indeed and will help Skype and iPhone enthusiasts cut down on their phone minutes and allow for cheap international...


March Madness coming to an iPhone near you

Another reason to love my iPhone: CBS is offering an app (for iPod Touch too) that will let you watch all the March Madness college basketball tournament broadcasts live on the device. The catch: You have to be on a Wi-Fi connection....


Nice play by Amazon with Kindle iPhone app

I was on a plane heading home from DEMO 09 when the Amazon Kindle iPhone App news broke and, after a week of seeing new gadgets and software, didn't fully digest the news until this week. But, we just posted a video of the Kindle App...


AVCHD editing for the everyman

We recently had the opportunity to test out a Panasonic HDC-HS100 high-def video camera for our 2008 Holiday Gift Guide. The camera shot beautiful looking video, but the native AVCHD format was not fun to extract or try to edit. Our...


What cloud services can learn from Flickr's errors

I am about as big a fan of Flickr as there is, but the way they handle account termination is atrocious. Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection talks about a recent banned Flickr patron who found her photos and associated comments...


Superb Super Bowl ads

My colleagues came up with eight great tech-related Super Bowl ads, but missed a few dandies: 2001 CA Amnesia Commercial:   Garmin's Napolean ad:   Of course, not tech related at all, but funny nonetheless is the Terry Tate:...


Click! I took your picture

File this under don't we have bigger things to worry about: Reports are that the US "Camera Phone Predator Alert Act" would require a cameraphone to produce an audible "click" whenever a photo is taken - even if the camera is in...


Facebook: It's no longer just for Twentysomethings

Over on the Communications Catalyst blog, David Mullen relays a story about high school friend that may be looking for a new online hangout now that Facebook is being inhabited by (gasp) his parents and (double gasp!) grandparents....


I might have to become a Fanboy

I am not what one would call a Star Wars nerd, but I might have to go see the movie Fanboys:


How secure is this network closet?

I am no security expert, but is it not bad to leave a door to the telephone/network wiring closet wide open all the time? Wouldn't take much to knock a certain publishing company's phone system and more offline. Seems to be just...


Gadgets consolidate dispersed media on your home network

Any collector of music or taker of digital photographs knows the pain: You've got a killer collection of digital stuff on your various home PCs and NAS devices, but no way to easily show it all to guests without people crowding...


How Cisco's chairman finds his hotel room

Wish my room came with directions like this, particularly at these massive Las Vegas hotels: As see on the 34th floor of the Venetian on 1/8/09.


iTunes DRM free, but there's a catch

There'a a lot to be happy about with the Apple's news that nearly the entire iTunes library will be available without Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection. For one, you won't have to count how many computers you've authorized....


Technology That Works: Mobile Fotos and over-the-air podcast downloads

Even though the holidays are upon us, the soured economy has everyone in a depressed mood. But, there's new research that says one person's happiness can ripple to those around them. With that in mind, here are a couple of technology...


Tech journalists aren't always techies

Our IT guys shouldn't tell we editorial types to disassemble any sort of technology in a troubleshooting effort: It's not my phone, though my mini-screwdrivers were used to perpetrate the crime. But, if you're trying to reach...


Flash support coming to Google phones, but what about the iPhone?

Adobe is showing off support for Flash on the T-Mobile G1 (Google Android) platform at its MAX event in San Francisco this week: This news comes on top of the fact Flash is now supported on Windows Mobile devices. Good to see...


Logitech acquires video chat service Sightspeed

Surprised to see a press release from Logitech pop in my inbox this evening announcing it has acquired video-chat service SightSpeed for $30 million in cash. Not a bad deal for Logitech and the company says it will have no material...


Halloween Trilogy of Tech Terrors series: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

If it's Halloween it can only mean one thing: Horror movies. Of course, the best of the horror flicks don't really have much of a tech bent, unless you're counting chainsaws and the rising of the dead, but we found three in the...


Qik now available for BlackBerry

Qik, the live mobile video streaming service, is now supporting the BlackBerry platform (sorry iPhone folks, not quite yet). As of today, anyone with a Blackberry Curve, Pearl, Bold or Flip can start streaming video live from...


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