Open source meets telecom at NFV World Congress

NFV World Congress showed numerous demonstrations of Telecom industry suppliers working together with carriers in open source communities to solve key operator challenges.


Cumulus Networks CEO JR Rivers on what's hot for Open Computing in 2015

Cumulus Networks CEO JR Rivers shares his thoughts on Open Infrastructure, the Internet of Things, and what's hot for 2015.


Open Networking: The Whale that swallowed SDN

SDN and networking conversations today have become overloaded with hype. The future is no longer just about one approach to SDN but has become much bigger. Welcome to the Open Networking Revolution.


A response to Padma Warrior's "Limitations of a Software-Only Approach to Data Center Networking"

Well, the cat is finally out of the bag. VMware's Billion dollar acquisition of Nicira last year signaled that all is not well between these two industry titans. And with the formal launch of NSX at VMworld, it has now become clear...


The Battle for the Hypervisor Switch and the Future of the Network Edge

Over the past 15 years the computing industry has been revolutionized by the hypervisor as virtualization technology has grown to become nearly ubiquitous in enterprise server deployments. While the hypervisor was focused on...


Concentric Waves of Creative Destruction: Why OPEN is the answer

This post is the first in a two-part series that will highlight some notable progress in business and ecosystem disruptions reported at recent Open Summits. This first part will focus on laying some groundwork and background...


Breaking down VMware's talk at the Open Networking Summit

An interesting occurrence at this year’s Open Networking Summit was around the definition of Software-defined networking (SDN). At the opening session, ONS chair Guru Parulkar highlighted something he called "SDN washing" – which is...


Goodbye SDN Controller, Hello Infrastructure Controller: Creating a Hardware Abstraction Layer for the Cloud

Martin Casado & team have been making waves in the SDN community lately - this time talking about the evolving demands that cloud software is placing on infrastructure. Nicira's recent proposal for the Open vSwitch Database...


The Spirit of Innovation

As I pause to reflect on both the past and coming years, I find it important to find the source of my inspiration, what keeps me going every day. I wrote this essay a few years back and I still draw a lot of inspiration from it. I...


All I want for Christmas is BYOD

Last week was my birthday, and it caused me to realize no matter how much money I wanted to spend, I couldn't get what I really wanted. And this year in particular, this has been a tough pill to swallow. Finally, some new tablets are...


What Cisco and Dell's Cloupia and Gale acquisitions mean to the future of IT

As cloud technologies continue to disrupt the enterprise computing landscape the norms of the old are being swept away to make room for new norms that will define the way organizations deploy and manage technology in the cloud era…at...


IT Doesn’t Matter: What every IT pro needs to know to survive in the cloud era - Part 2

The first part of this blog outlined the scope of this post, which is to really understand what business leaders value and don't value about IT, and highlighted the significance of differentiation. This post will pick up where the...


IT Doesn't Matter: What every IT pro needs to know to survive in the cloud era

Over the past 10 years those of us in IT have seen offshoring and outsourcing go from affecting mostly factory jobs and turn close to home, affecting many of us on a personal level. We have seen years of companies trying different...


The Day VMware ate Cisco part 2: A deep dive with Nicira co-founder and the father of SDN, Martin Casado

Martin Casado is not your average executive, nor is he your run-of the mill computer scientist. First, his graduate research led to the creation of OpenFlow and the massive transformational revolution it is creating across all...


The Day VMware ate Cisco

With as much as we have all seen and heard for the past several years about the cloud, sometimes things happen that make you realize just how real the drastic changes facing the networking industry really are. And the purchase of...


Cisco ONE: Proof that Cisco doesn't get SDN's

With the rising popularity of OpenFlow and the Open Networking Foundation, there was a lot of anticipation for Cisco's SDN announcement this week at Cisco live. We know Cisco gets disruptive technologies, and given their early, and...


Open Networking Summit 2012 Day 1 Recap, part 2

I would like to kick the afternoon summaries off with a prologue based on my notes and inspiration I took from day 1 of the summit.It doesnt seem like that long ago, it was hard to really see the utility in futuristic visions of cars...


Open Networking Summit 2012 Day 1 Recap, part 1.

Open networking summit (ONS) started off its 2nd conference this week. With the initial ONS conference only 6 months prior, it was noteworthy when ONS Chair Guru Parulkar reported that the Summit's new venue more than doubled the...


Google Showcases OpenFlow network

Google kicked off a great day of presentations at Open Networking Summit (ONS) 2012 Tuesday by highlighting their journey into openflow and showing that their massive inter-dc network, one of the largest networks in the world,  is...


Nicira peels back the curtain on the future of networking - Interview with Nicira CTO Martin Casado

Openflow and software-defined networking are being considered by many to be the architecture that will define the future of networking, and nobody is closer to the center of this technology movement than Nicira's Marin Casado, who is...


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