When it comes to enterprise network security, less is more

Diminishing returns in network security.

Cloud Consolidation Nation

How the growth of the cloud is driving an increase in consolidation of content and even cloud providers.

SSL: Your network blind spot

You can't defend against what you can't see. How can the enterprise ensure security in the face of increasing SSL-encrypted data on their networks.

Mission impossible: Memorizing IPv6 addresses

Don't bother memorizing IPv6 addresses. Use DNS instead.

Preparing the network to meet BYOD challenges

Bring your own device: Bring it on.

Missing pieces in network design

How to design a system without requirements.

Redundancy and failover and HA, oh my!

Redundancy and Failover are not worthy goals in and of themselves. Only Availability matters.

Don't engineer a mess

If there ever was a fundamental axiom or first principle in network design, it is this: don't engineer a mess.

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