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Scam by Victoria’s Secret clerk highlights common risk


Headlines and the attention of IT professionals have been dominated by Heartbleed recently, yet it's a news story out of Florida that reminds us of an all-too-common identity-theft threat that most of us face on a routine basis: credit-card skimmers.

From an Orlando Sun report:

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Gadget lust o' the week: Fantastic audio with Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS

For most of us, the days of huge libraries of CDs is far behind us. Nowadays we keep our music libraries on our computers but while this is convenient with most PCs there's a limitation: Playback quality

The problem is that your computer converts the digital audio data into an analog signal using a digital to analog converter (DAC). Unfortunately not all DAC's are created equal; low end (i.e. cheap) DACs can suffer from "jitter", introduce distortion, only support low sample rates and or low sampling resolution, and or add noise to the output, all of which degrade sound quality.

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