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name changes

Networking company name change madness is upon us

Tech companies LightSquared, Crittercism and ThinkingPhones are still around but no longer answer to those names.

quick facts lte u

LTE-U’s cold war may be thawing, as field testing commences ahead of summit

The FCC last week granted Verizon and Qualcomm permission to conduct limited tests of LTE-U technology in Raleigh, North Carolina and Oklahoma City, ahead of a planned summit meeting next week.

secret wifi

U.S. carriers stay tight-lipped on LTE-U deployments

America’s big four wireless service providers are enthusiastic about the prospect of delivering data over unlicensed frequencies via LTE-U, but they’re playing their cards very close to their chests when it comes to specific plans.

San Jose Pole

San Jose gets SmartPoles with LTE, LED lights and energy meters

San Jose, Calif. has begun installing 50 SmartPoles that integrate LTE wireless with LED street lighting.

star wars force awakens

Verizon's free Google Cardboard VR offer pairs Star Wars, LTE

Verizon for a limited time is giving away Star Wars: The Force Awakens-themed virtual reality viewers to its customers at its stores across the United States.

cell tower mean

Wi-Fi Alliance touts survey numbers as LTE-U showdown looms

The Wi-Fi Alliance, an industry group that certifies Wi-Fi products for interoperability, has highlighted the importance of the technology to the daily lives of Americans ahead of a testing summit that will try to shed some light on...

Tower at

US rank drops to 55th in 4G LTE speeds

The U.S. has fallen to No. 55 in LTE performance as speeds rise rapidly in countries that have leapfrogged some early adopters of the popular cellular system, according to a study by research company OpenSignal.

small cell transmitter

Qualcomm exec on LTE-U: We’re not trying to mess up your Wi-Fi

Big wireless providers elbowing their way onto the same unlicensed spectrum as your Wi-Fi isn’t going to be the headache that many predict, according to Qualcomm senior vice president of business development Neville Meijers.

Google Project Fi

Google Fi app surfaces on Play Store, though most can't use it yet

The Google Fi app showed up for the first time Wednesday on the Play Store: The catch is that you'll need a Nexus 6 phablet and an invitation to the new wireless service in order to make any use of it.


Hands on: AT&T Velocity hits the WiFi hotspot

AT&T Velocity I’m using the ZTE-built AT&T Velocity WiFi hotspot as I write up my quickie review of the device here, and sure enough it’s providing me with ample speed as I fact check on the web during this process. The...

T-Mobile event

T-Mobile mystery news slated for Tuesday morning

T-Mobile CEO John Legere will cozy up to Yahoo Tech's David Pogue during what the carrier is calling its Un-carrier 8.0 event on Tuesday -- a mystery webcast that promises to include some news and knowing Legere, probably some...

Harsh wireless conditions? Send in the drone hot spot

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has moved along a project it says would use hot-spot enabled drones to bring bring wireless communications to even the most distant and harsh  environment.The...

Wireless timeline: 2013 (and a bit) in the world of spectrum

Here's a brief look back at the very busy past year or so on the wireless spectrum scene in the United States:

Does Cellular Replace Wi-Fi?

So I had a very interesting conversation recently with a senior executive of a mobility products company who just happened to mention that he thought cellular would eventually replace Wi-Fi. While I obviously don't agree with that...

The road to 5G wireless: A brief history of mobile networks

What a long, strange trip it's beenEven though the technology hasn't been invented yet, the hype around 5G networks has begun to bubble. Given the capabilities we're currently eyeing in the new standard – gigabit speeds,...

5G Wireless: Reality looks to catch up with hype

Don't feel bad if you don't really know anything about 5G wireless networking – because, by most standards, it doesn't actually exist yet. The cross-pollination of codified specifications, new products, and technological innovation...

Intel gets serious about 4G LTE with new chip

Intel has been talking about 4G LTE in mobile devices for a while, but now the chipmaker is walking the walk with its first multi-mode 4G LTE modem.

Mobile Devices and BYOD are Driving IPv6 Adoption

In 2013, it is expected that the number of mobile devices will exceed the number of people. Each of these devices will need an IP address to reach content on the Internet. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement is driving the...

T-Mobile's "radical" changes double-down on flat-rate data plan

In a profane, foul-mouthed, ad-libbed presentation, T-Mobile CEO John Legere Tuesday trumpeted his company's previously announced "unlimited" data plans, scrapped its cellular contracts, launched its belated LTE network, and revealed...

iPhone 6 rumor round up for the week ending March 1

 The iOSphere raised the word "intuitive" to new heights for the iPhone 6, seizing on an Apple patent that would introduce mind-reading to the mobile experience.

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