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Full speed ahead for contested 5G, W-Fi spectrum

A court win and a compromise with the Federal Aviation Administration show that the FCC’s efforts to pry open more spectrum for broadband will move ahead.

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Latest 5G specs highlight IoT support, better spectrum efficiency

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project has issued recommended enhancements of 5G systems architecture and radio access networks.

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5G wireless WAN will have benefits beyond 4G WWAN

Cellular WAN connectivity has solid enterprise use cases with 4G, and as 5G rolls out, will become more attractive for its speed, reliability, and price.

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Don’t let bad press about Open RAN sink your private 5G plans

Use RFIs and RFPs to get good information about private 5G gear and to avoid being duped by stories possibly generated by 'unnamed vendors' looking to lock you into their products.

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Bumps in the road for open RAN

The much-vaunted technology is thought to be the way to simplify 5G deployments and keep carrier capex low, but there’s a long way to go before it hits the mainstream.

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FCC auction for prime 5G bandwidth rakes in $21.8B

The month-long FCC auction of 3.5GHz-to-3.55GHz wireless spectrum seems to have favored large providers looking to move ahead with their 5G-network deployments.

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Kyndryl weds Microsoft to grow cloud services

Kyndryl's partnership with Microsoft is the first of what will likely be many cloud deals for the IBM managed-services spinoff.

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Drone demo shows it’s possible to protect 5G-managed devices from DDoS, exfiltration attacks

Using software developed by the Open Networking Foundation, Stanford researchers thwart wireless attacks in less than a second.

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A $1.9B FCC fund to replace banned 5G telco gear might be too little

The FCC is distributing money to help mostly rural wireless providers replace 5G network gear they bought from Huawei and ZTE, whose products are banned in the US over security concerns.

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Private LTE cellular enables remote learning for a Utah school district

Using recently available citizens broadband radio service (CBRS) wireless spectrum and help from a state-wide non-profit, Murray City schools deployed a network that gives students the bandwidth to attend virtual classes

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What is Open RAN?

Standards for cellular radio-access networks known as Open RAN could make deployment of 5G and other cellular networks less expensive and result in faster innovation of features and services.

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5G base stations could be powered by lasers

PowerLight Technologies has teamed up with Ericsson to power up a 5G base station using a laser system rather than a wired electrical connection, which could lead to faster 5G deployments.

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Sweet-spot spectrum for enterprise 5G is growing, but slowly

The FCC is auctioning off more bandwidth for carriers to deliver the best of 5G, perhaps not at the rate service providers and their corporate customers want.

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What is private 5G? Use cases, challenges and how it compares to Wi-Fi

The advent of 5G introduced more opportunities for networking innovation. Private 5G is one of those newly hyped innovations, but what makes it different than public 5G? While the market for private 5G is small, it could be a...

Ananki startup tries to simplify private 5G

The ONF’s newest commercial arm is a move to showcase the group’s open standards for 5G technology.

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Episode 3: Looking Forward: 5G, Digital Transformation, and the Network of the Future

5G holds promise to further society’s digital transformation, delivering solutions and applications for consumers and enterprises alike, and connecting the un-connected and under-served.  While phase-1 of the 5G buildout in...

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Private 5G: Tips on how to implement it, from enterprises that already have

If you’re considering private 5G for an IoT project, you’ll need to learn a lot, choose between white-box switches and servers, and maybe decide that Wi-Fi 6 is a better idea.

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Are you ready for the 3G sunset?

Starting next year networks will end their 3G support. Are you sure you have replaced all your 3G devices?

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