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Large enterprises abandon data centers for the cloud

At AWS re:Invent, big, traditional companies say they want to abandon their data centers and move to cloud computing.

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Amazon, VMware rumored to be developing data center software

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware are reportedly in talks about teaming up to develop data center software products. Speculation is it will be a stack-like product.

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Cloud computing has another killer quarter

Big cloud earnings—and profits—from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft extend cloud momentum and make billions for Jeff Bezos.

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Can Amazon be stopped?

Amazon’s success in ecommerce could be repeating in enterprise communications.

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Amazon Connect brings contact centers to the cloud

Although cloud-based contact center software is still an emerging market, Amazon today introduced Connect, its take on this industry, hosted in the AWS cloud. The move represents AWS’s continued march into the enterprise...

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Google tries to beat AWS at cloud security

New tools that protect enterprise applications running on Google Cloud Platform may help take the spotlight away from AWS and Microsoft Azure


Cloud war collateral: What the rise of AWS, Azure has meant for data centers

When Henry Ford introduced the Model T in the fall of 1908, he likely didn’t comprehend the full scope of events he would set in motion. Come 1914, and Ford’s production line had reduced assembly times from 12 hours to less than two...

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Can we trust the public cloud vendors?

Amazon's AWS S3 outage and the steps it took to address the problem raise questions as to how much we can trust public cloud vendors.

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5 lessons from Amazon’s S3 cloud blunder – and how to prepare for the next one

This week’s service disruption to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service should be a wake up call to make sure your cloud-based applications are ready for the next time the cloud hiccups. These are five tips for preparing yourself for a...

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Amazon's AWS S3 outage impacted Apple's services

Amazon's AWS S3 outage yesterday briefly brought down a number of Apple services, including Apple Music and the App Store.

Amazon S3 Internet outage unleashes flood of apologies -- from others

While Amazon Web Services hasn't yet issued an apology via its social media channels regarding big problems today with its Simple Storage Service (S3), the company's customers have turned to Twitter and Facebook to apologize to their...

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Amazon’s S3 cloud storage service isn’t working

Amazon Web Services today acknowledged that it’s Simple Storage Service (S3), one of its most widely-used cloud-based products, is experiencing increased error rates, causing some sites across the Internet to stop working.

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Battle of the clouds: Amazon Web Services vs. Microsoft Azure vs. Google Cloud Platform

With more and more workloads going to the cloud, and the top vendors being as competitive as they’ve been, deciding on which provider to go with isn’t getting any easier. This handy guide will outline the pros and cons of each...

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Dell EMC combines hyperconvergence and cloud in latest VxRail offering

Dell EMC is now offering a combination of its VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure and the EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud platform to make it easier for mid-size organizations to build private clouds.

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Coder turns AWS IoT Button into ACLU donation button

Nathan Pryor programmed the AWS IoT Button to create the ACLU Dash Button, making it easier to donate to the American Civil Liberties Union.

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Rackspace is cutting 6% of its workforce

Texas-based cloud computing company Rackspace announced that it is cutting about 6% of its workforce in areas that have seen slowed growth in recent years.


Gartner: Algorithm-based technology patents are raging

Gartner wrote that according to a worldwide search on analytics vendor Aulive, nearly 17,000 patents applied for in 2015 mentioned "algorithm" in the title or description, versus 570 in 2000. Including those mentioning "algorithm"...


The cloud continues to rise—and fast

Wall Street fretted when AWS’ earnings grew “only” 47% in Q4 of 2016. Looking at the quarterly results from cloud vendors Amazon, Microsoft and Google, though, analysts are wrong to worry.

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