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Mingis on Tech: For Android phones, a 'notch' too far?

The all-screen design of Apple's iPhone X necessitated a 'notch' at the top of the display for various cameras and sensors. Now, Android phone makers are going with the same design. But why?

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Apple's home speaker, HomePod, arrives

It's about the sound, not the smart. Apple's new home speaker, HomePod, integrates its Apple Music subscription by voice. It carries a hefty price tag of $349.99. The panelists call the move late and half-baked.

Ken Mingis talks iPhone 10

Mingis on Tech: Is Apple's iPhone X the best phone for business?

Apple's expensive new iPhone X has a lot going for it: Face ID security, an OLED display and, of course, iOS 11 – making it a top-notch option for enterprise users. But is it worth $1,149?

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Industrial IoT meets the iPhone and iPad in new GE/Apple deal

New Predix SDK for iOS is designed to create easy-to-use iOS apps that work with Predix IoT data from industrial sensors to help make sense of IoT data.

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Rebuttal to Daring Fireball: FreeBSD, Intel and Microsoft did save the Mac

Daring Fireball claimed 10 errors in one of my posts, citing only one. Here are the details about how FreeBSD, Intel and Microsoft saved the Mac.

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What the IoT industry can learn from Apple’s revival of the Mac

IoT growth depends on an open ecosystem. It cannot wait, nor can it be like Apple and take from the ecosystem without contributing.

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Mingis on Tech: Android vs. iOS – How they stack up

Android blogger JR Raphael and Apple expert Michael deAgonia get ... animated, shall we say ... as they tackle the basics of which mobile OS is better when it comes to security, updates, app stores, customization and innovation. Can...

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Mingis on Tech: For the new iPhones, 'X' marks the spot

Apple on Tuesday unveiled its long-awaited smartphone line-up, with the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus available later this month. But the flagship iPhone X – the one techies will really want – won't arrive until November.

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Pricey iPhones, intent-based networks, GPS spoofing and smartwatches

Our panel looks at whether smartwatch makers blew it by not focusing on the enterprise, why intent-based networking is the next big thing, whether GPS spoofing is real, and how high is too high when it comes to iPhone prices.


The latest on Azure Stack, cyberattacks, the next iPhone and ... keyboards

Get the details on Microsoft's new Azure Stack, why cyberattacks never seem to end, the fate of Apple's Touch ID and why QWERTY keyboards are now tech relics.

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Mingis on Tech: Is the new iPad Pro enterprise-ready?

Apple's top-end tablet hardware was already workplace worthy, but iOS still required some workarounds for things to go smoothly. iOS 11 may change that when it arrives later this year.

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Donald Trump uses an iPhone with a single app: Twitter

President Donald Trump's smartphone of choice is an iPhone, and he only uses a single app

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iPhone 8 might be cheaper than we thought

Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 may not start at $1,000 as previously rumored

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5 things I like about my new MacBook Pro—and 5 things I don’t

Going from a MacBook Air to a MacBook Pro has some pros and cons. Fredric Paul gives you a heads-up on what to expect.

Apple may price the iPhone 8 at $1,000

Features expected in the iPhone 8, such as an advanced 5.8-in. OLED display and advanced 3D camera, will likely drive the price up.

Apple reportedly working on watch-based glucose monitor

Rumor has it Apple CEO Tim Cook is test-driving a watch-based device capable of tracking his blood sugar.

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Apple to unveil new iPad Pro while axing the iPad Mini

Apple's iPad Mini may soon be eliminated from Apple's product lineup.

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After revolutionizing the music industry, the MP3 is officially dead

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits has stopped providing licenses for MP3 technology, noting that more superior audio formats have made the MP3 obsolete.

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