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Pricey iPhones, intent-based networks, GPS spoofing and smartwatches

Our panel looks at whether smartwatch makers blew it by not focusing on the enterprise, why intent-based networking is the next big thing, whether GPS spoofing is real, and how high is too high when it comes to iPhone prices.


The latest on Azure Stack, cyberattacks, the next iPhone and ... keyboards

Get the details on Microsoft's new Azure Stack, why cyberattacks never seem to end, the fate of Apple's Touch ID and why QWERTY keyboards are now tech relics.

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Mingis on Tech: Is the new iPad Pro enterprise-ready?

Apple's top-end tablet hardware was already workplace worthy, but iOS still required some workarounds for things to go smoothly. iOS 11 may change that when it arrives later this year.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones

Q1 2017 smartphone shipments: Samsung rebounds, Apple goes sideways, Chinese makers roar

Samsung and Apple find smartphone growth elusive as the center of gravity shifts west to east and budget phones improve.

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Sketchy rumor claims Apple will release two iPhone 8 models this year

Apple may release only two new iPhone models this year, an iPhone 8 and and iPhone 8 Plus, according to a sketchy rumor making the rounds.

iPhone 8 may launch 2 months after the iPhone 7s

Apple's iPhone 8 will reportedly launch after the iPhone 7s models launch in September.

iPhone 8 release date may be delayed until November

Apple's iPhone 8 release date may be subject to a two-month long delay, pushing it to November.

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Future iMac Pro models to feature 'server grade' internals

Apple's future iMac models are poised for a major upgrade

iPhone 8 design will be challenging for Apple to pull off

Apple's iPhone 8 design is proving to be a challenge for engineers.

Apple's car plans just got a lot more interesting

Apple was recently granted a permit to test self-driving cars on public roads in California

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Microsoft vs. Apple: Strategies change but the battle continues

Microsoft and Apple are both successful in the enterprise, but these two tech giants have claimed that success using different strategies (while also at times stealing from the other’s playbook).

iPhone 8 price may be cheaper than you think

Apple's iPhone 8 may be more affordable than initially imagined.

Apple orders 92 million OLED panels from Samsung for iPhone 8

Apple reportedly ordered 92 million OLED panels from Samsung for the upcoming iPhone 8.

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Apple breaks with secrecy to rebut negative narrative

Apple this week renounced its usual secrecy about future products to counter questions about its commitment to the Mac.

iPhone 8 release date may be pushed back to October or November

The iPhone 8's release date may be delayed

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Most notable tech leaders delivering 2017 college commencement addresses

You’d think ponying up for a technology leader to be your school’s commencement day speaker would be so much less of a hassle than going with a high profile politician such as President Donald Trump or his rival Hillary Clinton, yet...


iPhone 8 Rumor Rollup: Fresh spate of delayed shipment speculation swirls; plus, good pricing news

Speculation is heating up again this week regarding the possibility that Apple might delay the arrival of its iPhone 8 (or iPhone X) smartphone until October or November due to technical issues related to the lamination of its new...

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Apple says new Mac Pros and iMacs are coming

Apple has assured professional users that a new Mac Pro design is in the works.


iPhone 8 Rumor Rollup: Button in the rear, true tone in front, inside Jony Ive's head

iPhone 8 scuttlebutt includes the fingerprint sensor heading to the rear of the Apple phone, True Tone displays coming to the front and an attempt to get into Jony Ive's brain.

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Trump again uses iPhone to tweet, backtracking from 2016 pledge

President Donald Trump now uses an iPhone to broadcast his famous early-morning tweets, even though last year he urged supporters to boycott Apple.

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