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ThousandEyes’ Device Layer helps solve application problems faster

Device Layer provides the health status of network devices, enabling network operations teams to deliver better application and service performance.

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Why network operations should care about AppDynamics

Network engineers can use AppDynamics to quickly diagnose the cause of poor application performance. And if the network is the problem, use the tool to resolve it faster.


Oracle leverages machine learning to manage, secure enterprise systems

Oracle Management Cloud suite provides real-time, proactive monitoring and outage prevention, and Oracle Identity SOC helps forecast, detect and resolve security threats.


Always test remote app performance with a WAN emulator

When you test new applications using a WAN emulator before deployment, you ensure apps perform to remote users’ standards and requirements.

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Juniper’s Cloud-Grade networking aims to deliver network agility

Juniper's Cloud-Grade networking combines carrier-grade reliability with enterprise-class control and usability for a new way to secure, deliver and manage applications.

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Aryaka brings benefits of software defined to remote and mobile workers

Aryaka’s SmartACCESS SD-WAN product improves application performance for remote and mobile workers, providing a global private network, WAN optimization and IP app acceleration.

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Save money and make your website better—by killing JavaScript

Adding more servers, caching systems or bandwidth to solve website performance issues is only a Band-Aid. Instead reduce website sizes by removing JavaScript.

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Modern monitoring is a big data problem

The rate of change and degree of diversity in the IT stack demands fine-grained and frequent monitoring, which turns monitoring into a real-time big data problem.

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Cisco/AppDynamics upgrade broadens DevOps role in app management game

Cisco’s AppDynamics this week rolled out a developer toolkit that will let corporate development teams quickly build and measure the business impact of Web and mobile applications.

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Friends more than frenemies? Splunk and New Relic team up

While there has been an on and off sense of tension between Splunk and New Relic, they may have buried the hatchet.

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Datadog reduces the alert noise for IT support workers

Datadog’s composite alerts reduce alert noise for DevOps and operations teams, notifying them of only major application performance issues.

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NGINX ups the web app performance ante

NGINX Plus R12 has an upgraded load balancer, content cache and web server offerings to increase web app reliability, security and scale.

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Can we trust the public cloud vendors?

Amazon's AWS S3 outage and the steps it took to address the problem raise questions as to how much we can trust public cloud vendors.

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Startup Nyansa helps companies quantify the impact of application performance

This week Nyansa announced that its Voyance Network Analytics service is now able to automatically calculate and prioritize the cumulative impact of performance problems experienced by all devices connected to the company network...

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ExtraHop applies machine learning to wire data monitoring

Because no product can maintain market share without a good side serving of machine learning.

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How to automate your app dev process—and improve code quality

Set the stage for smart growth by reducing manual app dev processes and championing automation on your DevOps team.

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5 things to know about Cisco and AppDynamics

A closer look into Cisco's recent acquisition of AppDynamics

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After AppDynamics sale, is anyone going to snap up the rest of the APM market?

Cisco’s purchase last week of application performance management vendor AppDynamics for $3.7 billion in cash and assumed equity awards could signal that the APM sector in general is a potential M&A target, according to industry...

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Cisco’s AppDynamics purchase: A big price tag that could have big dividends

Cisco must have seen something interesting in AppDynamics and its application performance solutions to offer $3.7 billion for it.

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Has Cisco broken out of the network hardware box?

Cisco has for a few years now touted software over its hardware powers but with this week’s AppDynamics buy it may have broken out of its traditional bailiwick for good.

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