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C-Suites Struggle With Digital Strategy

Many execs are dissatisfied with how their organizations make decisions about shaping digital business strategy. Will the CIO step up to be the digital pathfinder?

Google admits it's got work to do to achieve a diverse workforce

Google executives say they're not satisfied that the company's workforce is largely made up of white males.

Tip of the Hat: The man behind Apple's post-Jobs acquisition spree

Apple's move to buy headphone maker and streaming music service Beats Electronics brought its acquisitive ways -- started after the death of founder Steve Jobs -- to the forefront.

CIOs Join Forces to Battle Cancer

A coalition of healthcare IT chiefs are on a mission to put cancer out of businessa(c).

Advisory firm wants majority of Target board members voted out over breach

A company that advises institutional shareholders on governance risk and proxy voting issues wants seven of Target's 10 board directors voted out over the massive data breach disclosed by the retailer last December.

3 CIOs Share Tips for Plotting a Digital Path

These collaborative IT leaders are guiding their organizations toward a digital business future.

Outage caused by single admin mortifies cloud provider Joyent

Cloud provider Joyent suffered an outage on Tuesday after an administrator was able to simultaneously reboot all virtual servers hosted in the company's US-East-1 data center.

CA Technologies release free XP migration tool

Companies that want to migrate large numbers of users from Windows XP, which Microsoft stopped supporting last month, now have some help with a free tool from CA Technologies.

HP service automation tools make nice with Chef, OpenStack

Hewlett-Packard has integrated its service automation programs with IT configuration and management programs Chef and OpenStack, a move that could make it easier for IT staff to work with these open source applications, often used by...

Amazon brings cloud monitoring tool to Europe

Amazon Web Services' monitoring tool CloudTrail is now available from the company's EU region in Ireland, allowing all data to remain in Europe.

How to Manage Millennials: Let Them Do Whatever They Want

In about 10 years, 75 percent of the workforce will be made of millennials. Fortunately, managing them is easy. Just give them space, freedom to make decisions and a creative workplace. Oh, and be sure to ask them how their day was.

CIO Discovers the 'Terrifying' Reality of Cloud Apps Running Wild

Rogue cloud services are ripping gaping holes in the security fabric of most companies, putting the CIO in a tough spot. But as the fallout from the Target attack shows, IT and business leaders will go down together if the breach hits...

Canada woes, breach seen as cause for Target CEO's exit

Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel's resignation Monday as president, CEO and chairman of the Board of the company likely isn't a sign that boards of directors are now holding chief executives accountable for massive data breaches.

Microsoft sharpens encryption management tools

Microsoft is giving the IT admin crowd an updated toolset for managing encryption with the latest release of its Desktop Optimization Pack, better known as MDOP.

VMware looks to AirWatch to simplify management and centralize client storage

VMware is leaning on AirWatch to let users access files from one place using virtual and physical clients and let admins manage desktops in the same way they handle mobile devices.

IT shops losing control over technology

A survey of more than 1,000 C-level executives shows that IT organizations are losing control over new technology adoption at their companies but are still held accountable for integrating the technologies securely into their...

It's Time for Spring Cleaning in the IT Closet

CIOs: Here's how to reduce the clutter in your IT operation and ensure that simplicity becomes part of your corporate culture.

CIOs Who Serve on Boards Sharpen Their Business Skills

Relatively few CIOs sit on external corporate boards. But those who do come back to their day jobs with personal and professional insights that boost their careers -- and give their home companies a competitive edge.

Do Leaders Create a Great Company Culture -- or Vice Versa?

CIO's Publisher Adam Dennison contends that great leadership and a thriving company culture ultimately support one another, and pays tribute to the legacy of IDG's late Chairman Patrick J. McGovern.

Lessons in Marketing IT's Value

Tech execs boost IT credibility by educating their peers about the business benefits they deliver.

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