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With Gundotra out, changes likely for Google+

Now that Google's Vic Gundotra, a senior vice president and the head of Google+ is leaving the company, changes are likely afoot at the social network he championed since its inception, industry analysts said.

The background on Apple's '103-degree data center'

Apple isn't disclosing details about its Maiden, N.C., data center operations, except at the 30,000-foot level, so it's unknown exactly what temperatures it's operating at. But it is possible to estimate a range.

Cleveland Clinic CIO: Tools are the biggest barrier to IT-driven medical care

Dr. C. Martin Harris, CIO at Cleveland Clinic and a former health technology adviser to President Obama, is using technology to redefine healthcare for patients and caregivers alike. Insider (registration required)

CIOs and Procurement Pros Partner on Cloud Services

Cloud services can help CIOs free themselves from worrying about managing data centers, scaling capacity, configuring servers, applying security patches and other routine maintenance so they can focus on providing insight to improve...

Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM

For organizations that are already managing their Windows systems using Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (2012, 2012R2) that have Apple Macs in their environment, the company Parallels (maker of the virtual machine...

LucidWorks preps Solr stack as Splunk killer

Enterprise search software provider LucidWorks has introduced a package based on its open-source Apache Solr search engine that will allow administrators and business analysts to extract more information from IT system logs.

Mozilla steps up damage control as pressure for CEO Eich's ouster mounts

Mozilla, the maker of Firefox, went into damage control mode over the weekend in response to criticism that its new CEO had donated to a California anti-gay marriage ballot proposition in 2008.

Beyond Meritocracy: 6 Ways IT Employee Performance Evaluations Are Changing

Neither employees nor their managers look forward to annual performance reviews. That's why experts suggest using methods and tools that provide valuable, real-time feedback on how employees are doing.

The Grill: Rep. William Keating wants cross-sector data sharing

Rep. William Keating (D-Mass.), who sits on the House Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection and Security Technologies Subcommittee, is calling on the Department of Homeland Security to be more involved in tackling the cybersecurity...

Corporate Boards Are Hungry for IT Info From CIOs

Many board members want CIOs to give them more and better information -- especially about IT risk.

Microsoft accepted PR backlash to protect IP in Kibkalo leak

Microsoft had no choice but to bite the bullet and take the inevitable public relations backlash stemming from last week's disclosure that it accessed a customer's Hotmail account, an expert in corporate messaging and public...

Survey: State of the enterprise 2014

Cloud, mobile and other tech investments are expected to yield benefits to both the top and bottom lines. But communication, integration and shadow IT challenges lurk.

Mozilla names Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript, as CEO

Mozilla named co-founder Brendan Eich, best known as the creator of JavaScript, as its new CEO, filling the spot that had been vacant for nearly a year.

The Grill: Rotary CIO Peter Markos

Peter Markos, CIO and general manager for Rotary International, contends with challenges ranging from authenticating a constantly changing list of users who need to access Rotary's systems to enabling applications that work for a...

Career Watch: The rise of people architecture

In managing human resources, people architecture is gaining popularity, says IT workforce analyst David Foote. He explains what it is and why it's on the rise.

How to Bridge the Gap Between HR and IT

A poor IT-HR relationship can lead to bad IT hires. IT managers need to provide HR with sharp questions about applicants' technical skills. And HR pros need to do their homework about IT.

Tim Cook's approval ranking climbs one spot in top-50 CEO list

Even as Apple CEO Tim Cook is blasted by some investors for not being the next Steve Jobs, the company's employees boosted his approval rating to the 17th spot on an annual ranking of the top U.S. chief executives.

McGovern recalled as 'a catalyst of the computer industry'

In June 1967, when Patrick J. McGovern published the first issue of Computerworld it did something different. It reported on the computing industry from a user perspective.

How to Make Meetings More Productive

With the right collaboration tools and an open-minded management team, the phrase 'productive meeting' doesn't have to be an oxymoron.

Activist investor that wants Office on iPad joins Microsoft board

Microsoft added G. Mason Morfit, president of ValueAct Capital, to its board of directors, making good on its part of the deal it struck with the activist shareholder last year.

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