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Geek-themed Meme of the Week: iPhone Fingerprint Edition

No. 24 in our Geek-Themed Meme of the Week series features Overly Attached Girlfriend openly acknowledging her intention to circumvent the fingerprint scanner on her boyfriend's new iPhone 5s. As the owner of a new iPhone 5s myself,...

Keypic, replacing CAPTCHA without annoying users [UPDATED]

A few days ago I wrote about an artificial intelligence startup, Vicarious, which demonstrated software that breaks the widely used - and much disliked by users - CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and...

Smart card readers for the iPhone and iPad

Flexible PKard Reader and elegant Tactivo bring smart card authentication to your favorite mobile device

iPhone TouchID fingerprint biometrics broken by German hacker club

The German hacking group Chaos Computer Club says its biometrics hacking team has discovered how to bypass the biometric security of Apple's TouchID fingerprint authentication through a simple method based on a rubbery duplicate of a...

Biometric fingerprint scanning.

7 ways to beat fingerprint biometrics

7 ways to beat fingerprint biometricsImage by iStockphotoApple dropped $356 million to buy the biometric security firm Authentec back in July, 2012. So nobody was surprised when the latest version of the iPhone, Apple's 5S,...

Geek-Themed Meme of the Week: No. 13

While a number of prominent technology writers are singing the praises of the fingerprint authentication technology built into Apple's iPhone 5S, meme writers are having a jolly old time poking fun at the very idea.(Geek-Themed Meme...

5 bad signs for Apple's iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner

When Apple announced its new iPhone 5s last week, the fingerprint scanning technology, called Touch ID, stood out as one of the most notable additions. The benefits are easy enough to identify – iPhone users will no longer need to...

Fingerprint sensor in iPhone 5S is no silver bullet, researchers say

The fingerprint sensor in Apple's new iPhone 5S has the potential to enhance the security of the device, but the devil will be in the details.

Smartphones could evolve into password killers

But much depends on the development of highly reliable biometric technology

Yes I DO know the name of my high school mascot

There once was a time when getting a physical copy of your payroll statement from your employer was easy because they'd give you a brand new one every week or two attached to an honest-to-goodness paper paycheck.Today is not such a...

Authentify xFA provides simple, secure primary authentication using digital certificates and voice biometrics

Forget about those highly vulnerable usernames and passwords. Authentify has just announced a new primary authentication method that is built upon a complete digital certificate PKI underpinning, but neither the enterprise nor the end...

Smart card readers for the iPhone and iPad

Flexible PKard Reader and elegant Tactivo bring smart card authentication to your favorite mobile device

Why password-only authentication is passe

The rapid growth of mobile devices that can access corporate networks and data, the expanding use of cloud-based IT services, and the increasing popularity of apps such as online banking mean that IT needs to pay closer attention to...

Windows 8.1 bolsters biometrics for authentication

Microsoft's next OS update offers native fingerprint reader support

Google biometrics tests show there's no magic pill for passwords

While passwords fall short of the tight security businesses would like, the use of electronic tattoos and pills that Google is experimenting with would introduce a new set of problems, experts say.

Twitter's two-step authentication a good start, experts say

While experts praise Twitter's decision to provide accountholders with two-factor authentication, they warn that additional security will still be needed to prevent the hijacking of high-profile accounts.

Smartphones take center stage in two-factor authentication schemes

We all know that relying on a simple user ID and password combination is fraught with peril. One alternative is to use one of the single sign-on solutions we reviewed last year, but there are less expensive options that could also be...

Google's five-year plan for authentication: It's complicated

Google has released a draft of its next five-year plan for login authentication that tries to stay at least on par with criminal hackers, but recognizes that strong security requires industry collaboration.

PayPal Says It's Time to Ditch Passwords and PINs

PayPal CISO Michael Barrett took the keynote stage at Interop today to announce the impending death of passwords and their replacement with more robust authentication protocols based on an open standard. Apple may lead the way with...

Twitter Plans Two-Step Authentication to Prevent Hacks

Following Tuesday's hacking of the Associated Press' Twitter account, the microblogging site is reportedly working on a two-step authentication security solution to help prevent future hijackings.

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