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AP Twitter Hijacking Proves Need for Better Authentication, Encryption

The Associated Press's Twitter account was hijacked this afternoon and used to tweet a false message that reported two explosions at the White House had left U.S. President Barack Obama injured. One security expert says the...

Two-factor authentication ready to roll out at Microsoft

When Microsoft acquired PhoneFactor last fall, the handwriting was on the wall for the future of two-factor authentication for the company's consumer cloud offerings. Now it appears that handwriting is about to become a reality.

Facing FTC pressure, Apple bolsters privacy, security

Apple is adding two-factor Apple ID authentication, and announced a May 1 end for developers using iPhone and iPad UDID information

Following breaches, experts call for two-factor authentication on Twitter

While two-factor authentication is not a silver bullet, it is a necessary step toward better security, said one analyst

Following breaches, experts call for two-factor authentication on Twitter

Twitter should quickly join many other Internet companies such as Google in providing users with the option of two-factor authentication, experts say.

Google flaw exposes weakness in two-factor authentication

A serious flaw recently discovered in Google's two-step login process for accessing its many services reflects the risks such a mechanism poses when broadly deployed.

10 tech company social media bloopers

It’s been quite the month for corporate social media activity. Both Burger King and Jeep have seen their Twitter accounts hijacked, with hilarious results. Meanwhile, Google’s attempt to stir up genuine conversation around...

New FIDO Alliance pushing 'fast-identity' strong authentication protocol

A new industry group called the Fast IDentity Online Alliance, or FIDO Alliance for short, makes its debut Tuesday to promote adoption in e-commerce and websites an innovative authentication protocol that's intended to bring a higher...

Startup Nok Nok Labs pitches strong new authentication process

Nok Nok Labs officially opened its doors today to introduce client/server-based technology proposed as an innovative foundation for flexible, strong multi-factor security that can be used in e-commerce, Web services or the enterprise....

PGP Corp. co-founder's startup targets cloud authentication

When Phil Dunkelberger co-founded PGP Corp. in 2002 with Jon Callas, it was to acquire the codebase for the famous encryption technology known as "Pretty Good Privacy" which had been sold to Networks Associates in 1997. That proved a...

How to Secure Big Data in Hadoop

The promise of big data is enormous, but it can also become an albatross around your neck if you don't make security of both your data and your infrastructure a key part of your big data project from the beginning. Here are some...

Integrating location data into enterprise applications

Today, enterprise app developers can tap into a host of location-based apps, mobile location based services and hyper-local-marketing tools to deliver highly relevant features and content based on where employees or potential...

9 popular IT security practices that just don't work

The security products and techniques you rely on most aren't keeping you as secure as you think

The Honan Hack Is The Alamo For Two-Factor Authentication

By now I hope you have read about the devastating hack of Wired writer Mat Honan. It serves as a chilling example of how much of our lives are entrenched in the digital sphere today and what can happen if the keys to that sphere fall...

Does two-factor authentication need to be fixed?

Does two-factor authentication need to be fixed? Tough criticisms heard this week from researchers about the effectiveness of two-factor authentication, especially as it's used in its token form for one-time passwords and smartcards,...

Security: An Inconvienient Truth

One of the things I dislike about being a security person is the stigma that "we are the people who say no or make it harder than it has to be." For many people, the security team is composed of people who just seem to live to make...

Review: 7 password managers for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android

1Password and KeePass lead the field in features, flexibility, browser integration, and ease-of-use

Most fraud against businesses from bad checks, not electronic payments

When it comes to financial fraud against businesses, it's old-fashioned paper checks that wreak more monetary damage than fraud committed through electronic payments, such as debit/credit, corporate cards, or Automated Clearinghouse...

In new attack on mobile handsets, fraudsters target one-time passwords

Two online banking fraud schemes are designed to defeat the one-time password (OTP) authorization systems used by many banks.

Startup offers crypto authentication service to battle rogue states

Can a security startup based in Bedford, N.H., bring about a revolution in the way that users authenticate to gain access to websites today and secure data?

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