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Disaster recovery lessons from an island struck by a hurricane

Prepping for disaster recovery needs a plan, testing, and thinking about non-technical necessities like food and shelter for the recovery team.

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Facts about backup security that should scare you to death

How to tighten up security for backup systems and avoid malicious activities carried out by lone wolves.


'Credible threat': How to protect networks from ransomware

With recent warnings of ransomware attacks targeting US healthcare organizations, this 7-step plan including backup and recovery, network monitoring, and antivirus may help protect your company.

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Backing up databases is critical and complex

Proper database backup is essential because of the importance of the data they contain, so understanding how the work is also a must.

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Should you upgrade tape drives to the latest standard?

A recently released standard for linear tape-open—LTO-9—sets the scene for faster drives with more capacity, but are they a must-have?

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How to make sure data that should be backed up gets backed up

Using selective exclusion to determine what data gets backed up may result in storing some useless data, but it avoids having no backup for the important stuff.

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Item-level vs. image-level backup: Why it’s best to use a combo

Two types of backup – item level and image level – have different strengths, and it’s possible to tap the best of both.

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