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ransomware attack

Ransomware  >  A coin-operated lock ransoming an encrypted system.

Ransomware: It’s coming for your backup servers

Compromised backup servers can thwart efforts to restore damage done by ransomware and give attackers the chance to extort payments in exchange for keeping sensitive stolen data secret.

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Data archiving: It doesn’t have to be on tape

Long-term data storage can be done in the cloud, on disk drives, and optical disks, but each has some drawbacks.

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5 reasons restores can take longer than backups

Backing up data can be fairly quick, but because the steps needed to access the backup and restore it to the live network, restores can be surprisingly slow.

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What is DRaaS and how it can save your business from disaster

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) enables enterprises of all sizes to safely backup their data in the cloud and quickly recover from a natural disaster, cyberattack or unplanned outage

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Best backup for 7 major databases

There are many backup options for databases, but here are recommendations for Cassandra, DB2, DynamoDB, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.

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Backup for databases: Get familiar with the type you use

The design of a database determines what method is best suited for backing it up, and those methods vary quite a bit.

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Backing up a database depends on how it’s delivered

On premises servers, PaaS, and serverless delivery of databases each has its own backup best practices.

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The latest tape storage is faster and holds more, but is it better?

The LTO-9 open standard boosts the transfer speed of magnetic tape, which seems like an improvement, but that might not make tape a more attractive option for backup.

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Facebook outage was a series of unfortunate events

A badly written command, a buggy audit tool, a DNS system that hobbled efforts to restore the network, and tight data-center security all contributed to Facebook’s seven-hour Dumpster fire.

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Ransomware recovery: Cloud is the way to go

Cloud-based DR offers incredible recovery speed as well as the ability to pre-restore data.

ransomware attack

Make sure your laptop backups can handle ransomware

There’s more than one way to backup laptop data, but not all of them can defeat the tricks attackers have designed into ransomware.

COVID-19 coronavirus morphology is layered amid statistical models and binary code.

COVID-19 upends disaster recovery planning

Post-pandemic plans for disaster recovery and business continuity will need to reflect new business realities.

Hard drive in flames.

Backup lessons from a cloud-storage disaster

Organizations that failed to make sure their cloud data was backed up properly learned the consequences the hard way when an OVHcloud data center burned last month.