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Network analytics will change everything

Network analytics will redefine IT's abilities to handle the complexities of today's enterprise access networks.

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5 top data challenges that are changing the face of data centers

Data is clearly not what it used to be! Organizations of all types are finding new uses for data as part of their digital transformations. Examples abound in every industry, from jet engines to grocery stores, for data becoming...


IBM to ship its Power9 system this month, claiming AI leadership in the data center

With the release this month of the first commercial server based on its Power9 processor, IBM hits another milestone in its quest to be the AI-workload leader for data centers and web service providers.

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HPE offers a SaaS-based tool for hybrid cloud management

HPE introduces OneSphere, a multi-cloud management platform that will promote 'useful' shadow IT on premises and in conjunction with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

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HPE pushes for the autonomous data center with InfoSight AI recommendation engine

HPE is adding an AI-based recommendation engine to the InfoSight predictive analytics platform for flash storage, taking another step toward what it calls the autonomous data center. The ultimate goal is to simplify and automate...

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The Industrial IoT will give us self-healing machinery

Machine-embedded, IoT sensors will not only monitor machinery for weakness, but they will also enable machinery to fix itself automatically, researchers say.

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Why the fight over IoT data is just getting started

A quick dive into the world of the IoT reveals the true value of its data, and shows that this new industry is only just getting started.

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Western Digital plans 40TB drives, but it’s still not enough

Microwave-assisted magnetic recording (MAMR) is enabling Western Digital to create 40TB drives. But it’s not enough because data is growing faster than disk capacity.

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Are you choosing to lose in a data-driven world?

If data is a more valuable resource than oil in today's world, there seems to be a concerted effort not to leverage information, and instead under invest and focus more on small transactional improvements.

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Not all information is created equal: Unlocking the huge potential of smart data

The amount of data may be growing exponentially, but the intelligence we're gleaning from it is not.

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Data or metadata? For the IoT they’re both important

As the amount of machine-generated data scales, indexing it via metadata will become critical.

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Wi-Fi analytics SaaS can make retail cool

Customers are starting to seek personalized retail experiences and this might be step one for your network.

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Measuring the economic value of data

Who is winning with data, where is this data being kept, what makes new data different, when should data be kept, moved, deleted or transformed, how should data be valued, and why data is so much more important than it used to be?

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Today’s property rules don’t work in our IoT world

We used to own our things, but increasingly our things own us. The laws need to change to restore our traditional rights of property and ownership to the digital times.

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When networks hit the wall

As more consumers turn to over-the-top video streaming services and viewers’ expectations grow – can quality of experience failures be avoided? Ciena’s CTO Steve Alexander explains how our current networks need to adapt to provide an...

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Connected IoT is about to become cognitive IoT

"Ubiquitous connectivity" and machines understanding humans — those will be among the drivers behind a rapid jump in IoT implementations.

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Get ready for new storage technologies and media

Intel's new 1 petabyte storage drive that fits a 1U rack is just one of a slew of new memory form factors and technologies we’ll be seeing in the future.

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How tech giants are putting big data to work

Big data has emerged at the core of the business model for Silicon Valley's biggest companies. Here's what they're doing with it.

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