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Mastery of technology skills + knowledge.

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Tips for building a home lab to prep for network certifications

Setting up a home lab doesn’t have to cost a fortune, particularly if you can make use of cloud-based environments, open-source switches and firewalls, and virtual storage appliances.

Palo Alto Networks

Certifications that can land you a job as a network-automation engineer

Certification programs like those offered by Cisco and Juniper Networks can help network engineers document their proficiency in network automation.


How network pros can fight being squeezed out of cloud decisions

Guaranteeing a role in planning multicloud networks requires networking teams to acquire cloud skills, embrace NetOps, and focus more on their organizations’ business goals.

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Twilio announces fresh round of layoffs, impacting 17% of its workforce

In addition to the layoffs, which would impact about 1,400 employees, the company is undergoing an internal restructuring to create two business units, Twilio Communications and Twilio Data & Applications.

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Free training from 8 top vendors to advance your IT career

Tech knowledge and certifications can open doors to advancement in IT, and free educational resources from these prominent vendors can help.

Computerworld Tech Forecast 2017 - Hottest Tech Skills for 2017

What to expect from SASE certifications

SASE certification options are expanding, with Palo Alto joining Cato Networks, Netskope and Versa Networks. Are they worth the effort?

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Cisco launches 10-year plan to train 25 million people in IT skills

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of its Networking Academy, Cisco has launched new courses and partnerships to meet ambitious targets for cybersecurity, networking and general IT skills training.

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Gartner: IT matters more than ever to attract and keep the best talent

IT can help boost productivity and encourage the best workers to stay by boldly adopting cutting-edge technology that makes tasks easier.

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The astronomical costs of an asset disposal program gone wrong

As Morgan Stanley Smith Barney has learned, an information technology asset disposal program can protect a company against the potential catastrophe of data leaks from gear you’re getting rid of.

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Micron to build largest chip factory in US history

Micron plans to build a memory chip fabrication plant in upstate New York that it said will be the size of 40 football fields and create about 50,000 jobs. It may spend up to $100B over the next 20 years on the facility.

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Highest paid IT certifications command $130K+

Certifications from Cisco, Nutanix, VMware, and cloud providers pay enough to land on Skillsoft’s ranking of most lucrative tech skills.

IT professionals converse in a network server room / data center.

Survey: Outages, staffing challenge data centers

Data center operators are working to increase IT infrastructure reliability, keep key talent from being poached, and stay ahead of environmental regulations, Uptime Institute reports.

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AWS, Harvard collaborate to advance quantum networking

The AWS Center for Quantum Networking (CQN) and Harvard’s Quantum Initiative (HQI) group will team to cultivate projects to develop quantum memories, integrated photonics, and quantum applications that could help underpin future...

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Cloud networking certs: Which is right for you?

AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud offer career-boosting certifications in cloud networking.

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8 certifications to prepare for hybrid and multi-cloud

Networking pros can expand their roles in enterprise cloud endeavors – and advance their careers – by getting certified for hybrid and multi-cloud skills.

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Cisco adds to network training lineup with Cisco U. launch

New educational unit lets network pros follow goal-based learning paths to earn Cisco certifications or build specific skill sets to prepare for new roles.


How to deal with network-operations brain drain

If you can’t find qualified candidates for NetOps jobs, automate what you can, and hire someone smart and willing to learn who can train for the job you need filled.

A developer / engineer / technician works with servers, wires, and cables in a data center.

9 hot jobs in the evolving data center

Data-center pros looking to ride technology waves toward more secure careers need both technical and people skills.

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