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SD-WAN adoption
Cloud computing

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Cisco announces $600M restructuring plan, including layoffs

Layoffs are expected at Cisco, which reported a $600 million restructuring charge along with better-than-expected quarterly revenue.

Cloud cloud architecture

Cisco study: Network teams look to SDN, automation to manage multicloud operations

Cisco’s hybrid cloud report details the key challenges that network operations teams face in supporting diverse enterprise workloads.


Cisco, Red Hat team to streamline hybrid-cloud container management

Cisco integrates its Intersight cloud management with Red Hat OpenShift Assisted Installer to support bare-metal server-based container networking.

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Cisco adds a firewall, upgrades security

Cisco launches a Secure Firewall for hybrid workers and adds data-loss prevention and passwordless authentication to security products.

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Cisco issues fixes for active exploits of its Windows VPN clients

Cisco is offering software updates for two of its AnyConnect for Windows VPN products it says represent a threat ranked 'high'.

sd wan

What is SD-WAN, and what does it mean for networking, security, cloud?

Software-defined wide area networks, a software approach managing wide-area networks, offers ease of deployment, central manageability and reduced costs, and can improve connectivity to branch offices and the cloud.

fiber optics

Cisco powers up Nexus switch, offers 800GB optic modules

Cisco is extending its advanced Silicon One chip technology to core enterprise switches and routers.

cloud saas

Cisco tightens its SD-WAN integration with Microsoft Azure

Cisco SD-WAN customers can use Microsoft’s Azure Virtual WAN and its multi-region fabric for worldwide, regional connectivity

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Shortages force network vendors into creative product redesigns

Scarcity of mundane hardware components have Cisco, Arista, Juniper, and others looking to redesigns, re-engineering, and alternate sources.

SD-WAN adoption

Cisco expands its SD-WAN software for wider reach, better security

Cisco SD-WAN software adds encrypted site-to-cloud connectivity; expands its ability to support multi-region fabric deployment, and improves security.

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Cisco plans to predict, solve network problems via SaaS

Cisco's Thousand Eyes intelligent network software is at the heart of a strategy to predict and fix network problems before they cause trouble.

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Cisco DevNet certifications explained

New career-boosting certs are aimed at network automation, observability and programmability through software development

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Cisco backlog still looms

Cisco reports that FY2022 product orders are at a record high, but so are the orders it hasn’t been able to fill.

cloud computing / cloud network

Cisco embraces multi-cloud networking software

Cisco: Cloud networking should let customers place workloads wherever it makes sense for their business

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Cisco shakeup: Networking chief Todd Nightingale to helm Fastly

Cisco said it will its enterprise and carrier groups under Jonathan Davidson, the current head of the carrier group.

cutting cost scissors money george washington dollar bill savings

Top IT vendors report good financials, onging supply woes

Arista, Extreme, Juniper, F5 say supply-chain challenges will likely persist through 2023.

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The ‘Cisco’ gear you bought from these companies could be counterfeit

US charges: A years-long conspiracy has taken in $100M+ selling used Cisco devices disguised as new, more recent models

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AWS WAN service aims to simplify global network deployments

AWS Cloud WAN service supports SD-WAN packages from Aruba, Aviatrix, Checkpoint, Cisco Meraki, Prosimo and VMware.

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