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Cisco takes aim at supporting SASE

Cisco will upgrade and integrate access-control, networking and security products to address the goals of secure access service edge

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Career roadmap: Cloud engineer

The shift to the cloud has been so pervasive that it has left a lot of companies with a skills gap they are struggling to fill with professionals who have cloud experience. That makes it a great time to be a cloud engineer.

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Dell offers on-prem storage integration with Google Cloud

Dell EMC's Cloud OneFS for Google Cloud promise to move 50 petabytes between corporate data centers and Google Cloud at very high speed for computational jobs.

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Cisco fortifies ACI for Amazon, Microsoft integration and multicloud management

Cisco has upgraded its core networking software to include better support for multicloud integration and management as well as tools to help telcos or hyperscalers tie together large scale data center networks.

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VMware, Dell add heft to on-prem cloud service

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC 2.0 brings support for high density and high-performance data-center applications

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6 ways to be more secure in the cloud

If you rely on multiple or hybrid cloud environments to support business processes, you need to be as vigilant protecting data and applications as when they resided on premises.

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Juniper's big push: AI in all areas of enterprise networking

Juniper Networks CEO Rami Rahim plans expansion of its Mist artificial intelligence technology into cloud, data center, Wi-Fi and SD-WAN environments.

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Gartner: IT spending will drop 8% as COVID-19 hits enterprise wallets

Gartner forecasts spending on data-center systems will be hit hardest in 2020

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The Internet of Things in 2020: More vital than ever

Just when we needed it most, the internet of things is delivering gobs of data and remote device control across almost every industry, from healthcare to agriculture.

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IBM rolls Red Hat into edge, AI, hybrid-cloud expansion

Every company will be an AI company new IBM CEO Krishna tells Think! virtual gathering

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Data centers are shrinking but not going away

Companies are putting more compute into less data-center space and shifting some workloads away from the cloud.

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IBM's big hybrid-cloud gamble

Red Hat OpenShift, containers and Kubernetes are all part of Big Blue's hybrid-cloud vision as laid out by IBM's new CEO Arvind Krishna.

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Cisco integrates SD-WAN connectivity with Google Cloud

A new, joint Cisco and Google platform integrates Cisco's SD-WAN connectivity with applications on Google Cloud


Speed race: Just as 400Gb Ethernet gear rolls out, an 800GbE spec is revealed

To meet a need for faster high-end Ethernet, 800GbE has become a formal specification, but the reality on the ground is that 400GbE shipments are just ramping up, and much lower speeds are what’s in common use.

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IBM extends z15 mainframe family, intensifies Linux security

IBM rolled out two new entry level, 19” single-frame, air-cooled platforms, the z15 Model T02 and LinuxONE III Model LT2. The new machines are extensions of the IBM z15 family that Big Blue rolled out in September of last year.

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VMware overhauls NSX software to manage, secure larger virtual networks

VMware NSX-T 3.0 includes improved baked-in security and network control functions.

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IBM taps new leaders for hybrid-cloud battles ahead

IBM installs Arvind Krishna as CEO, and appoints Red Hat execs to round out new cloud-oriented team

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Thousands of PCs break exaFLOP barrier

Folding@home has done what IT vendors and the federal government have been racing to do – break the exaFLOP barrier – and the crowdsourced distributed-computing program did it while fighting coronavirus.

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Know the benefits of cloud-native networking for SASE

Gartner has positioned secure access service edge (SASE) as the next wave of SD-WANs. While most industry people I talk to agree on the concept of security and networking being brought together, there is some debate surrounding...

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Private cloud reimagined as equal partner in multi-cloud world

A new generation of private cloud options is leading enterprises to rethink their cloud strategies.

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