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Data matrix networking connections system

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RSA: Cisco launches SASE, offers roadmap for other cloud-based services

New Cisco services aim to simplify security operations with new as-a-service offerings.

HYAS brings security threat detection, response to production networks

HYAS Confront uses domain expertise and proprietary machine learning to monitor and detect anomalies in production network environments and improve visibility as applications move to the cloud.

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US security agencies warn of threats to industrial, utility control networks

Possible vulnerable devices include Schneider Electric and OMRON controllers and servers that comply with the OPC Unified Architecture.

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Cisco SD-WAN software gains broader application access, enhanced analytics

Cisco upgraded its SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp for SaaS service to provide secure connectivity to a wider range of cloud-based apps and greater visibility into network metrics.

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IBM z16: A mainframe designed for AI, hybrid cloud, security and open source

IBM says its latest mainframe will support AI analytics at scale and security to withstand expected quantum attacks.

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Palo Alto launches cloud-native firewall service for AWS

Cloud NGFW for AWS enables organizations to shift security responsibility to Palo Alto, allowing them to speed cloud innovation while remaining secure, the vendor says.

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IBM service aims to secure multicloud operations

IBM’s new Unified Key Orchestrator lets customers integrate multiple security key-management systems into a single managed service that spans hybrid and multicloud environments.

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Critical flaws in APC uninterruptible power supplies poses risks to mission-critical devices

Attackers can exploit cloud-connected APC Smart-UPS units to take control of the devices they protect.

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Cisco IDs top 2022 security threats and what to do about them

Cisco Talos security experts view ransomware, Log4j, zero days, and even malicious USBs as ongoing challenges.

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F5 integrates security for multi-cloud app protection.

F5 Distributed Cloud Services provide a web-app firewall, bot mitigation, DDoS and API protection, and more.

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Palo Alto software advances end-to-end enterprise cloud security

Palo Alto rolled out a new version of its core cloud security package, Prisma 3.0, which includes the ability to code security directly into SaaS applications.

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Juniper software triggers network response to threats

Juniper Cloud Workload Protection controls application execution, monitors for signs of attacks, and takes steps to block them.

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The great cloud computing surge

Driven in part by the pandemic, cloud computing adoption has reached new heights. These five articles take a close look at the implications.

Zero trust Netskope

Palo Alto Networks pushes enterprise zero trust

Palo Alto Networks has added products and features to for enterprises looking to a zero-trust protection environment.

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IBM embraces zero trust with upgraded Cloud Pak service

IBM has broadened the scope of security features in its Cloud Pak for Security bundle, and has partnered with Zscaler for SASE and other enterprise security efforts.

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Juniper takes SASE security control to the cloud

Juniper is rolling out Security Director Cloud to provide a central point of management for enterprise security management.

Hard drive in flames.

Backup lessons from a cloud-storage disaster

Organizations that failed to make sure their cloud data was backed up properly learned the consequences the hard way when an OVHcloud data center burned last month.

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Cloudflare wants to be your corporate network backbone with centralized management and security

Magic WAN and Magic Firewall aim to simplify linking sites and datacenters while allowing organizations to better enforce security policies.

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