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AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen & Navi chips
episode 2
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Episode 2: Pluggable Optics and the Internet for the Future


Cisco closes $4.5B deal on optical powerhouse Acacia

Cisco coveted Acacia for its high-speed, optical interconnect technologies that let data center operators, webscale companies and service providers offer ever-faster service access to widely distributed resources. It also reinforces...

edge door gateway dark light

BGP: What is border gateway protocol, and how does it work?

BGP is how the autonomous networks that make up the internet share routing information to find the best route for IP traffic.

170217 chips

You’re not imagining things, there is a serious chip shortage

CPUs, GPUs, and memory are all in tight supply due to manufacturing issues and high demand.

mask / fake identity / fraud

Cisco takes additional steps to fight counterfeit network gear

Cisco has added new security labels and enhanced cooperation with online marketplaces to crack down on criminals hawking counterfeit network hardware and software.

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Highflying Nvidia widens its reach into enterprise data centers

Acquisitions bolster Nvidia's position in the data center and set the stage for more widespread use of GPUs for AI and machine-learning workloads.

amd zen 3

AMD introduces Zen 3 architecture and pursues Xilinx acquisition

AMD's new Zen 3 processor architecture is socket-compatible with older designs but with faster performance.

Network Networking Ethernet

What is a network switch, and how does it work?

Switches connect network segments, providing full-duplex communication, valuable network performance data and efficient use of network bandwidth.

slow development red tape bureaucracy bureauocratic

Nvidia-Arm merger faces regulatory, political, legal hurdles

While Nvidia says it won’t interfere with Arm Holding’s chip-design business, its competitors and regulators may be skeptical

amd epyc rome processor 2

Alleged leaks from AMD indicate big performance gains in upcoming Epyc refresh

Next-gen Milan will see up to 20% better core performance while Genoa will change in other ways.

IBM Power10 in socket

IBM details next-gen POWER10 processor

New CPU is optimized for enterprise hybrid cloud and AI inferencing, and it features a new technology for creating petabyte-scale memory clusters.

Bloch sphere representation of a qubit, the fundamental building block of quantum computers.

Amazon Braket lets customers try out quantum computing

AWS has announced the availability of a new managed service, Amazon Braket, that lets customers tap into and experiment with quantum computing simulators and access quantum hardware from D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti.

Abstract Java code

AI system analyzes code similarities, makes progress toward automated coding

Researchers from Intel, MIT and Georgia Tech are working on an AI engine that can analyze code similarities to determine what code actually does, setting the stage for automated software writing.

nw ts ai ml by just super getty images 2400x1600

How AI can create self-driving data centers

Early adopters are driving the use of AI to optimize power and cooling systems, automate predictive maintenance, and improve workload distribution in enterprise data centers.

wan bank networking finance2

Cisco bumps up ISR/ASR router performance and capacity

The networking vendor rolled out a new pluggable switching module (SM-X) for the Integrated Services Router (ISR) 4000 branch and a pluggable Embedded Services Process module (ESP-X) for its Aggregation Services Router (ASR) 1000 that...

data center server cloud

Intel Tiger Lake processors to feature built-in malware protection

CPU-level security capabilities in new Intel chips are designed to thwart in-memory attacks.

nw dell servers by metamorworks gettyimages

Dell launches servers for HPC and AI with updated VMware software

Designed with the GPU and virtualization in mind, new Dell servers are meant for quick deployment of artificial intelligence and high-performance computing systems.

ben franklin hundred dollars in a vice budget tight budget spending by modernlife getty

Sales of Ethernet switches and routers hit a 7-year low in Q1

COVID-19-related supply-chain issues, uncertainty undercut revenues from switches and routers.

OKAY hand sign amid COVID-19 coronovirus morphology

IoT early warning system aimed at curbing future virus outbreaks

IoT blockchain and cryptographic specialist WISeKey says it's making progress on a system that could detect new virus spread and automatically advise regional lockdowns.

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