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Nearly two-dozen bugs easily found in critical infrastructure software

In the time it took to cook a Thanksgiving turkey, a researcher found nearly two-dozen vulnerabilities in software used in industrial control systems found in power plants, airports and manufacturing facilities.

Volunteering falls short on threat information sharing

Critical infrastructure security apparently has its own version of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, despite calls in the public and private sector for better information sharing.

In security response, practice makes perfect

We've heard it many times in many forms -- expect to be breached, expect that you've been breached, expect that you are being breached.

Executive order would not allow 'meaningful leap' on cybersecurity

President Obama is being urged by members of Congress to bypass the legislative body after its failure to pass cybersecurity legislation over the summer.

U.S. infrastructure vulnerable to attack

If it is left to the politicians, the door to the nation's utilities might be left open. Almost telling terrorists, like in those motel commercials, "We'll leave the light on for you."

Heated debate over stalled cybersecurity bill pits pro-defense Democrats vs. hands-off Republicans

The cybersecurity bill that went down Thursday to legislative defeat shows the deep schism in Congress that had Democrats siding with traditional national-security defense hawks, and Senate Republicans, who toppled the bill, largely...

Chris Young, Cisco

The Cisco security directive

Chris Young just celebrated his six-month anniversary as senior vice president of the recently formed Cisco Security Group reporting to Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior. He brings an interesting perspective to the position, hailing as he...

Commercial enterprises are putting our critical infrastructure at risk

Cybercriminals have already figured out how to hack into enterprise infrastructure, and the critical infrastructure that controls our nation's supply of water, gas, oil and electricity just might be next.

Embedded system security much more dangerous, costly than traditional software vulnerabilities

Experts say embedded device manufacturers too often lack maturity when it comes to designing secure embedded systems.

Lieberman: Cybersecurity Act of 2012 will help us protect critical infrastructure

At a hearing on the bill, witnesses and senators said fast action is necessary to protect critical infrastructure against certain attack. The bill's sponsor promised there's no hidden SOPA-PIPA language in the legislation.

Coverity and Wind River target development insecurity with new alliance

Software development testing firm Coverity and embedded and mobile software firm Wind River have integrated Coverity's security development testing platform with Wind River's embedded software system.

FAQ: What you should know about Illinois water-district SCADA breach

Here are some key questions and answers about the Nov. 8 break-in of the control network at an Illinois water utility that resulted in attackers burning out a pump.

Experts advise caution, information sharing in wake of alleged utility attacks

A number of alleged security incidents at utilities, in separate states within about a two-week period, has once again brought SCADA security to the front-burner.

Pentagon unveils five steps for better cybersecurity

The U.S. Department of Defense goes public with its strategy for cyberspace.

What’s the threat? Smart Grid or Dazed Defenders

The Government Accountability Office recently warned that the quick uptake of smart grid infrastructure is likely to result in more cyber attacks. I think what they actually mean is lots of destruction and damage as the result of new...

'Political' cyberattacks hit half of large companies

When asked if their enterprises had been hit by "politically minded attacks" that could include terrorist or state-sponsored cyberattacks aimed at stealing sensitive inform or bringing down the network, half of the IT managers at...

DHS and cybersecurity: Yes, no, maybe so?

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has had a stained reputation almost from the start, and especially since its dismal performance in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. With a new administration coming in January, a lot of smart...

Security Predictions: Two Views of DHS

Amit Yoran left DHS in September 2004, convinced the department had no clue on how to handle cybersecurity. Now he is feeling more hopeful.

Group defines cyberattack prevention rules for nation's power grid

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Washington, D.C., today approved eight Critical Infrastructure Protection standards for the physical- and cybersecurity of the electric-power grid, in spite of concerns from industry about...

Homeland Security adds cybersecurity czar

The Department of Homeland Security finally has appointed a cybersecurity czar: Greg Garcia will become assistant secretary for cybersecurity and telecommunications and will oversee the department’s National Cyber Security Division....

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